Buzzwole GX / Garbodor vs Rainbow Road – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Buzzwole GX / Garbodor vs Rainbow Road on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.

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Would anyone recommend me building buzzwole?

DrWHO626 says:

rainbow road? never heard of that deck.

Seagrove Pokemon TCG says:

Great content, as usual! I like the Buzzwole deck, but I still have to pull for RR whenever I see it XD

NicKVenTs says:

You trash your rescue stretcher early almost every game then you go ohhh no I️ don’t have a rescue stretcher in the mid late game lol

Ismat Beg says:

At 11.45, why did you not jet punch the lele? Your Buzzwole on the bench already had sufficient energy to use knuckle impact if the lele had 30 damage prior to it and you would be N-proof with that play.

shaneco HD says:

Nice battle got close

Penny Branch says:

Instead of sending out the buzzwhole you could have sent out tapu fini to shuffle the lele into deck and retreat into buzzwhole to ko volcanianion ex. They wouldn’t have the turns to get energy onto it.

ClockworkFPS says:

Now you listen here, Mahone, more cat, or riot.

MrBer says:

Great game!! 2 clutch plays at the end

PGHEWrexham says:

Are you going to London? If you do, I would really love to meet you!

Puskimon says:

Buzzwole too swole.

Joshua Fuentes says:

1 cat = 1 like

Lit Lapras says:


JohneAwesome says:

wonder what he replaced lusamine and rescue stretcher with, a 2nd trashalance garb for late game maybe?

Matthew Lausev says:

See guys? Tapu fini did nothing in this deck.

tarot nerd says:


Supreme player says:

Good video

ArdipithecusR. says:

the suspense is real man

Ross Schweinforth says:

These ptcgo games are my favorite derium videos

Daniel J says:

Hey Andrew, can you do some Drampa Garbodor games?

Go BlastNoise says:

Aite Mahone; best match I’ve seen you do so far slim!

Carlos Chavarin says:

Ooh man i literally cheered for that sycamore play at the end! Well played man, that was entertaining!

mini geeks world says:

can you PLEASEEEEE do a live stream that the viewers battle you? 😀

garett ridler says:

Great match Andrew

Familia Flores says:


DrChicken Pokemon says:

You gotta pet the cat

Waspcatcher Openings says:

100th like…


NicKVenTs says:

Whoops just dropped my nutritious delicious vitamin water… not sponsored cough.

Tony and Chachi says:

That burp at 12:06 XD

cochiselol1232 says:

At the end I thought you would’ve promoted Fini and shuffled in their Lele then retreat next turn for knock out seeing as it has one energy retreat

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