Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX – 4x Pokemon TCG Online Game Play

Andrew Mahone plays four random games on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online with his Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX deck in this PTCGO game play video. How does Buzzroc fare in the new Forbidden Light metagame? Watch and find out!


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Jamesta James says:

The fact that there are 4 games under 30 minutes of game time shows how OP this deck is.

Penny Branch says:


Frankie Langford says:

First attack for buzzwole should usually be gx attack. If the guy in the first game didn’t scoop you would have needed a guzma but you could have just lycanroc and knuckle impact to tack out ultra necrozma

Joshie Bizzle says:

I’m going to grab some food, then I will come back to enjoy this whole video without interruption. #HighlightOfMyNight #Mahomies

smashlucas says:

Love your videos! Now let’s go back to Greninja GX!! 😀

Tim Melton says:

I’m sorry, but I completely disagree with your opinion on baby Buzzwole – being able to (rather easily) hit 190 damage for one energy (Strong + Choice Band + Diancie) on a one-prize attacker just seems ridiculously good in this meta

Lilith Demon-Godess says:

Amazing 4 games in a video! Its a great deck archetype however I want to see the format goes and develops counters to this! 2strong 4 2long.

Curious personally on gardevoir she is my favourite pokemon of all time

mp29940 says:

What up tricksters

Ash - Ishaan says:

Awesome video!

Giuseppe Flavio Canonaco says:

Andrew as far as my opinion goes you’re already the best content creator here on yt regarding tcg! Good luck from italy!!!

Turbo Flareon says:

Also the best deck in existence is the old gardevoir gallade from 2008 or 2010

Jeremiah Hazelwood says:

Go to 8:33 then watch till 8:37

Hickory Ham Man says:

Love the list Andrew, but why no Beast Energy?

Salt Lake Atrocity says:

For the longest time I was thinking that the rotation of strong energy would really nerf this deck hard. But then I saw this decklist and wondered why you weren’t running 4 strong energy and a beast energy—and it occurred to me that you were prioritizing the success of max elixir over the extra damage. That really got me thinking about how vital strong energy really is to this deck: Knuckle Impact with choice band hits for 190—KO’ing all the meta basics in the format. Zoroark is the most impressive evolutionary, and it is weak to buzzwole, so thats not a problem. Gardevoir might see play as an Ultra Necrozma counter, but buzzwole already famously counters evo decks like that anyway. This all said…besides some opportunistic turn-one OHKOs with Jet Punch, is there a reason to keep the remaining three strong energy?

Best0fbart 15 says:

With roanoke fast approaching, i have no clue what to play, ive “narrowed” it down to
Zoroark eggs (which is the BDIF but so many people will be playing counters to it)
Toad garb (shreks sablegarb, which won salt lake city and has an OK zoroark matchup)
Drampa garb( gets rekt by zygarde bonnie with VS seeker which could either be heavily played or not at all)
Donphan wobbafett (which beats everything but toad but is kinda inconsistent)
And buzzgarb (which oddly has a great matchup against everything BUT zoroark which it has a 50/50 against)
Oh great mahone, oh great riley, oh great shampay, HELP ME

ArkerParker says:

Ultra Necrozma, and gardevoir are the most common decks I’ve seen, barely see a buzzwole deck a day, and I play at least 20-30 games a day, everything is gardy and u-necrozma, i would like so see some variation Pokémon, still love the content

Znore's Pokemon says:

Aquabox next pls

Matt Gregg says:

In the second game had you missed the 2nd beast ring would you have absorptioned for the knockout or knuckle impacted had they not scooped?

sithapprentic03 says:

Why no beast energy?

PokeGX says:

Hi Andrew.I loved the video but I wonder why you use knuckle impact instead of absorption GX.If you did absorption GX you would be able to attack with buzzwole next turn.(Sorry for my english)
Love from Spain

Lilith Demon-Godess says:

Hey Andrew. I was wondering about the community tab maybe use it to plan streams or add a poll so you can see what we wanna see on the channel. I’m not sure if it would work but it would be sweet to interact with you more

PGHEWrexham says:

I love these types of videos!

Golileo Golileo says:

Stop making me want to play BuzzRoc, Mahone. It looks so good. But I must resist.

Gian Louie Palmares says:

Hi Andrew, can you please post the decklist in the description? if it’s not such a hassle for you.
Many thanks,

Andy Fulcher says:

Beast ring is the most “busted” card I’ve ever seen them print like honestly what were they thinking

DS10 Football Channel says:

I just bought the Sabrina Playmat!!! Im super excited for it. Sabrina is my favorite trainer and Kadabra doesnt get enough love! Great video Mahone!!

Hunter Thorne says:

you should make bonus round a thing, just like pewdiepies bonus meme

NYC Rock says:


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