Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX Mirror Match – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX vs Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video.

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DQ Gaming says:


Alex McCorkindale says:

You have so many tickets!!

NDogg15 says:

I’m dropping this game completely if Buzzwole is still dominant after rotation. The Buzzwole Trading Card Game is not fun.

Fracie says:

Give Uxie/Mesprit a try. Hits hard against Buzzwole’s while potentially turning off attacks and you can tech in cards like Genesect/Flareon EX with Rainbow energy.

Mystic 64 says:

Do Sheffields winning deck, Zoarark/Lycanroc

Corey Grassmid says:

Andrew I gotta meet you at naic

Elan Gorham Siegler says:

Great game Andrew

Bradley says:

5:03 is a legendarily bad hand.

Keiranus says:

Buzzzzzzzzzzz is the best

mp29940 says:

Crabominable baby buzz beats buzzroc 70/30

Slotholopolis To you says:

Holy cow am I sick of Buzzwole. Not from Mahone but literally every other player out there. Rotation will slow it down, but honestly not enough.

Dutch Penguin says:

Btw I also hate buzz it’s everywhere

Keiranus says:

Can you give me the deck list please?

Dutch Penguin says:

You could make a glaceon gx greninja GX deck

Raul Camarena says:

Should have used broklet hill first to thin than us octilory

Alex McCorkindale says:

That turn you drew 5 energy of 6 cards is me every time I go to Sol Burst GX so I can’t accelerate 5

_ FM_ says:

maybe that wishiwashi/hoopa stall deck can beat buzzroc. you have puzzles, max potions and hoopas

Ghostdog 009 says:

Tapu Bulu/Mew + fighting Fury belt = Buzzwole GX/Baby Buzzwole killer.

Rednax says:

Title should have been “BKT-FBL Meta”

James Walsh says:

Dude i want to play against you. I play Gardevoir and my Deck is Unique. You never seen a deck like mines.

Shawn Henaman says:


mp29940 says:

You dont even need to play beast ring

jason dinh says:

Why don’t play mimiku I Almost won in a match up against buzzwole

Richie Rich says:


Riley Hulbert says:

Given that you whiffed the Guzma strong, I would’ve Ultra Balled before using Cynthia to thin your deck hopefully hitting a Float Stone. Even if you don’t go for the double heads it’s probably worth it to grab a float!

KingArthur13th says:

I’ve actually beaten the Buzzwole deck pretty consistently lately using my Magnezone/Dusk Mane and my Lucario/Garchamp deck

Alex McCorkindale says:

So in your last turn you had to decide between taking a shot to hit a 2 card combo off a 5 card draw from a 24(?) card deck with 5(?) cards being hits plus have to hit at least 1 heads or better on the attack (75%) or take a shot to hit one card from a draw of 5 from a 24 card deck but need to hit two heads (25%) on the attack

Pandaboss58 says:

Mahone on that last turn of yours you could have brooklet hilled and thinned one more card… but the way your luck was going u would have missed anyway… feels bad man

mp29940 says:

For the love of god it beats malamar too. Plz just test it

ConfuseRay005 says:

Play mismagios garb it beat buzz no strong energy no ability hitting for weakness

jason dinh says:

Also mioastic from burning shadows with its had kinisis

Pat Vachon says:

Thinking Guzma to jet punch rockruf and soften up Buzzwole for baby buzz to knockout would be better @ 12:30

Jamesta James says:

Buzzwole truly has ruined the game. Pokemon was literally insane for creating such support for this card. The least hey could have done was waited until after rotation, so they could spread out the buffs.

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