Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX vs Greninja BREAK – Pokemon TCG Online Game Play

Andrew Mahone plays Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX vs Greninja BREAK in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video. Which top deck will emerge victorious? Watch and find out!

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Dustin Pettit says:

You should have brooklet remoraid when he took out the first one and coulda had octillary late game when you got N’d. Grabbing that rockruff and sycamoring it was “ruff”.

BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india says:

you play to many special energies in all your decks.

Alex McCorkindale says:

That double tails physically hurt

Poké TUBE says:

Nice video

scum says:

Thicc lines


Team greninja karai!!!!!
Kd os BR

Jamesta James says:

So you said let you know how it goes :p I placed second in my league cup this weekend. I only lost my last match, and wouldn’t you know it, I lost to THE deck I should have won against…. Lapras -.- I dead drew and prized 2 DCE, and had to Sycamore my whole opening hand. But my list is 4 Decidueye GX. 3 Dartrix. 4 Rowlet. 2 Tapu Koko Promo. 2 Latios. 2 Tapu Lele GX. 2 Field Blower. 3 Nest Ball. 1 Pal Pad. 4 Rare Candy. 2 Rescue Stretcher. 1 Special Charge. 4 Ultra Ball. 4 Cynthia. 2 Guzma. 3 N. 2 Sycamore. 2 Sophocles. 3 Choice Band. 2 Float Stone. 2 Grass Energy. 2 Psychic Energy. 4 DCE.

Richie Rich says:


AlexCoronaPhoto says:

Greninja is like your kryptonite. Even when you play broken BuzzRock.

Alex McCorkindale says:

I can’t imagine not playing Lele in a competitive deck. Things like that make me respect Tord so much

K0R0SU says:

this greninja gx/break hybrid is australian winner , trainer chip i guess made a video about it, pretty epic tbh

The PokéMart says:

#mahone’s tricky gym are you going to NAIC?

Jan Hernandez says:

I played against this deck last weekend and playing the buzzrock. I lost as well. Almost the exact same thing happened to me XD

Anthony Monroe says:

Frog legs for lyfe. RIP sweet prince greninja

Lilith Demon-Godess says:

Bit late bee busy but some great content! I recently seen BigJigglyPanda do an un boxing and he says he watches you I was so surprised by it!

rachelsPotassium says:

tord using adeck w no lele?! does this confirm that tord is going budget??? (joking)

UnRealisticFezant says:


HopieNinja says:

#EarlySquad where you at?

The Dino Brotherz says:

Cool video!

Best0fbart 15 says:

Octillery in greninja? This was a misrepresentation of my bois frog legs. I just went undefeated at league with frogs and beat 2 zoroapods.

iTaZe says:

Great video

NG JING RUI student says:

Congrats on 35k!

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