Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX vs Noivern GX and Solgaleo GX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX vs Noivern GX / Garbodor and Solgaleo GX / Rayquaza on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.

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Makasu Turner says:

Can you reply with a complete deck list.

Matt Gregg says:

Always glad to see Mahone on the main channel.

PaulooooMW3 says:

Why do you never use absorption GX, Mahone? Why?!!!

Nolan Ingersoll says:

Love the double online tcg. Learn a lot from mahone

SDBM123 says:

Please do 1000 packs of Primal Clash

ElectricVibez HD says:

PTCGO: Pokemon Trolling Card Game Online

Simple Pokèmon says:

Do more! 🙂

andy french says:

That second match was golden. Using bloodthirsty eyes instead of Guzma just for the heck of it. You rock, Mr Mahone! Keep up the great content!

Alecks Lara says:

Why are you guys posting on both channels? I love being able to go to one channel and find everything I need.

Pee pee suck Junior says:


Creeping Fruit says:

Why are you guys shoving all your content onto the main Deriums channel? I think it becomes a bit cluttered and I like the separate channels.

moe joe says:

The game play videos are great because it’s always a learning experience for everyone. I play mostly meta and I can always learn from watching these videos and it also shows how decks I’ll be going up against work

WhOs Deliriou5 says:

Hey andrew can you show us the full deck (im at the start so if you do at the end thanks)

Yoda Winduenobiwalker says:

Why is this in the main channel? Shouldn’t it be on the competitive channel?

Vincent Roark says:

Shouldn’t this be on the competitive channel?

Chris Luce says:

here so fast

Super Plush Bros says:


Ken Onodera says:

Heck yeah this is cool asf

Dale Reynolds says:

I am Groot

Exxessive Battler Victor// Blue Wave Marshal Valeos says:

Wrong channel?

PGHEWrexham says:

I honestly didn’t know that this was on the main channel, before he said it!

Poke' Apocalypse says:

Great stuff man!! Buzzwole is doing some work for you it seems!!

Stupid Name47 says:


Skydogg _YT says:

43 person

Number Six says:

Subb’ed to both so if it means more PTCGO plays, great! Otherwise chasing the content around just to get eyes on the original channel could get slightly annoying.

Amy Coulson says:

Open sexy tin

Nichollas Ferreira says:

It took me 9 min to realize that this is not the competitive channel lol

LostPride says:

Are you merging all 3 channels or something? Seeing daily box opening vids and now competitive vids on this channel is getting annoying.

Ethan Ng says:

I want too see them everyday

Supreme player says:

Good video

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