Can I win a game with Shining Genesect? Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Shining Genesect / Venusaur on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online against popular meta decks Necrozma GX / Malamar and Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX. Will Andrew be able to win any of these games with his rogue deck? Watch and find out!

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Phillip Abeita says:

Where’s the wishful baton?? You dont need the beast rings with the batons, lurantis gx is needed for flower supply and the gx attack is way good!

ArkerParker says:

What about choice band

Kevin Krueger says:

dood, you gotta try arceus prism star with octillery/koko promo/shining genesect!!! super meme-y tier 3 at best, but also suuuper fun lol

Number Six says:

You need to beef up that Venusaur line. +1 Ivysaur and Venusaur and drop field blower entirely. You’ll never keep float stone off with two anyway.

Max Imeny says:

I always find that with decks like these you should throw in a few counter catchers. You keep finding yourself with more prizes than you opponent, so it’s the way to go.

tasos basiadimas says:

Awesome vid mahoooooooooone

bmbmunoz2 says:

I’ve been playing my meme alolan exeggutors deck and Evo soda is really good for getting Venusaur out

Tim Melton says:

Playing Stage-2 decks in any capacity without some more consistent outs to Rare Candy (namely, Skyla or Order Pad) is pretty rough, and this deck would also appreciate having things like Revitalizer or Heavy Ball to get Venusaur out more often

Still, this deck clearly struggles with finding space for everything, and I thought the Pheromosa/Beast Ring approach you used was quite interesting. Shame to see it didn’t really work out 🙁

Adam The Snorlax says:

Put wishful batons in the deck. You can move the energy from the knocked out genesect to the other.

Keegan Jones says:

This is like the worst deck i’ve ever seen… I love it!

Stephen Vandelli says:

Two words good sir. Wishful baton

Charles Stephenson says:

Revitalizer would have worked, but space is a thing

Crawford Tillinghast says:

i wonder if counter energy would work


I think Pokemon needs to find a way to make stage 2 more consistent for things like this to work out

omgitsfirekiller/ Robert hewitt says:

Shining genesect reminds me of the old keldeo ex. Same with the venussaur with blastoise

Matt Gregg says:

Shining genesect with electrode gx intrigues me greatly.

NicKVenTs says:

I want to play Pokémon again but spending money all over again for cards and online cards just to enjoy the game is a real bummer
My last deck was bulu last year
Just not enjoying how much has to be spent to be relevant in a kids card game

Juan Casillas says:

Baby mew or mewtwo would work because of venusaur

surferwavebabe says:

I’ve known Harrison for years, he’s a great player.

Matthew Suchan says:

Minus the Beast Rings, this deck has one a few cups back when Shining Legends came out. The Grass energy is kept in play by using Wishful Baton.

Cybno says:

What is that Buzzwole list.

Ben Mackay says:

You missed knockout on the Lele early in game 2. You should’ve attached to active and used the ability attach choice band to hit 170

DragoniteStar786 says:

thats why you get rid of the malamar first dude…..

Best0fbart 15 says:

Pikazone 2.0

Bradley says:

Yknow who’s a super fun partner for Venusaur? Mega Beedrill-EX. With a Venusaur out you can steam Beedrill’s Hazard Stinger for 1 energy a turn for infinite paralysis and quad poison. It’s super fun.

Zone Ming says:

I am using shining genesect deck in online right now as one of my ace but without running beast ring. I boosting energy by using Arceus ♢ with tapu koko promo and octillery for its attack condition. I also run a huge amount of Venusaur line. Other things are as Harrison’s list.

Azoo Cola says:

why don’t u use the tickets or coins?

Kyle Goguen says:

I wish more non ex/gx decks worked competitively

Feral Pal says:

Harrison would be proud.


There was a deck a few months ago where someone just rocked genesect/venusaur with a bunch of wishful batons. Not sure if beast ring is worth it since its reliant on a condition

NDogg15 says:

Is Buzzwole seriously starting to play Weakness Policy due to the psychic dominance in the current meta? That’s hilarious.

Alex Jacobs says:

ETA on old format videos? I’m watching these because I think you personally, are great. Unfortunately, current format is stale and reminiscent of Yu-Gi-Oh! Where powercreep brings in 1 or 2 tier one decks at a time while also either killing the previous tier one deck or overshadowing it.

Oliver Holt says:

View number 56!

Shirley Chua says:

i just started playing ptcgo and in three packs of guardsians rising its was normallycanroc gx then the next pack was another normal lycarnorc gx then the next pack was lycanroc gx rainbox rare. Is that normal?

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