Chronicles of Solgaleo GX – MERRY CHRISTMAS! Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays his Solgaleo GX / Alolan Ninetales GX deck in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online gameplay video. Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday time!

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****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

##Pokémon – 22

* 2 Alolan Ninetales-GX LOT 132
* 1 Solgaleo {*} UPR 89
* 1 Solgaleo GRI 87
* 1 Solgaleo-GX PR-SM SM104
* 3 Solgaleo-GX SUM 89
* 4 Cosmog UPR 60
* 2 Tapu Lele-GX GRI 60
* 2 Cosmoem UPR 61
* 2 Alolan Vulpix GRI 21
* 2 Mudkip CES 32
* 2 Swampert CES 35

##Trainer Cards – 27

* 4 Cynthia UPR 119
* 2 Lillie UPR 151
* 3 Guzma BUS 115
* 4 Professor Elm’s Lecture LOT 213
* 2 Mysterious Treasure FLI 113
* 4 Ultra Ball SLG 68
* 4 Rare Candy SUM 129
* 2 Max Potion GRI 128
* 1 Timer Ball SUM 134
* 1 Rescue Stretcher GRI 130

##Energy – 11

* 10 Metal Energy 8
* 1 Super Boost Energy {*} UPR 136

Total Cards – 60

****** Deck List Generated by the Pokémon TCG Online ******


bernieswim says:

The biggest Christmas gift of all is that Andrew put a decklist in the description!

Eric French says:

Sceptile GX promo Lurantis is beast. Try it out for the kiddies.

PGHEWrexham says:

Merry crimbo andy

Noavier says:

I don’t have the money for promo solgaleo so i use 1 energy recycler in my list

Chris Ellison's Pokémon says:

Yooooo that’s my favourite deck

Riahisama says:

That first game lmao

rem digitamer says:

I will add dialga turn back time to ohko some Evo pokemon

Nolan Ingersoll says:

Did lost March kinda die out? Haven’t seen you play it in a while.

BlazingAura97 says:

Merry Christmas Mahone!

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Merry Christmas mahone awesome video

Ben Lagercrantz says:

Merry crismus

Jose Almanza says:

Merry Christmas !!

Derek Theiss says:

Merry Christmas, Andrew! I’m spending my money at Full Grip, soon 🙂

Megaman says:

Ahahaha dat double tails and double heads for u for once! Merry xmas indeed hahaha

Nick030390 says:

Merry Christmas bro fellow competitive player here I have been winning local cups and challenges with a glaceon zoroark build wish you could do a video and cover it

Quil Nation says:

Where have your avatar hat gone? Miss it already

Daniel CABRERA says:

Cool :-). Nice one!. cheers. keep comming more standar decks. btw merry Christmas

The Lunaist says:

Is that how Solgaleo is said? I heard a different pronunciation in the anime

ShaneNorthcott says:

Merry Christmas Andrew! If you were trying to go for a red and green deck, you could have picked any viable fire Pokémon and paired it with promo Lurantis for the fire Pokémon attack boost ability.

Akeldddama says:

I’ve been using it with sceptile gx. It’s been working for me. They have decent synergy.

Pedro H guit Pereira says:

Merry Christmas from Brazil, Andy!

What a great gift for me, a solgaleo player! I use in my list two DCE to use with promo solgaleo and sometimes swampert.

Great video as always!

Euler Machado says:

Ohhhhh Andrew, so sorry for being too late, but if u see this, I wish you a nice end of the year and hope you had an incredible christmas!

Matt Gregg says:

Happy holidays Mahone and if you were looking for a grass/fire deck you could’ve went Golisopod/Magcargo

noja cheung says:

Merry Christmas!

Cody Stenroos says:

Merry x mas bro fav deck in the game

Christian Hills says:

You could have done golisopod magcargo

Scott Hall says:

How did you go from a 2 win streak to a 1 win streak…….when you didn’t lose any in between?

Alex McCorkindale says:

At the end of the last format I played a Solgaleo deck and loved it. I had 3 Ultra road/Sunsteel strike Solgaleo and 1 Fangs of the Sunne Solgaleo. I really likes the Fangs of the Sunne Solgaleo cause it’s a single prize attacker than can do 170 so will take out all other single prizes and with a choice band will take out most GX Pokémon. I also played a single line of Metagross in case I needed to accelerate from the discard cause the Solgaleo prism is unreliable. I always loved using auperboost too. It was an interesting list but that’s why I liked it

Alex McCorkindale says:

Waited a long time for this bad boy to be viable again! Enjoy your Christmas mate. Great time to reflect on what a massive year this has been for ya

Chris Ellison's Pokémon says:

Can’t afford nine tails yet

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