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Taydon universe says:

To leon BTW

Jeremy Myth says:

I have a lot of pokemon 2006 cards ^_^ delta species do you want

preejith padmakshan says:

How do you even get these cards

samyonator says:

where can i get one of those

AB3 17 says:

I love Porygon all evolutions

Ľubomír Duško says:

wooow, what a opening, :O congratulations Leonhart. You´re best.

Donna Russ says:

My nane is Morgan. I a pokemon card

RuBeast Emeler X says:

why do you like natu

Sudee Gart says:

Leonhart you are my favorite youtuber

Galaxy Herbert says:

Markiplier if he liked pokemon

Kyle Williamson says:


memoriesinmelodies says:

Happy to say that.. 40 minutes of my life is not wasted. 🙂

Marlu Milan says:

Hi leonhart can we see your own pokemon collection???

Lunden Reid says:

You have a good luck charm on packs #hartsquad

Snowy Lilacs says:

Ultra shiny Gx, burning shadows, Team Rocket and some Double Blaze and Jungle and Fossil

Taydon universe says:

Hay I found a card with what looks like bumps on it a Drampa card from ultra prism and I’m hoping you could tell me what it is if it’s rare or not or a new type of holo thanks

Leonhart says:

*If you could make your own custom booster box; what combo of packs would you put in it? New? Old?*

cody stucki says:

Weird question: girlfriend wants me to teach her son how to play pokemon TCG, but i haven’t played or collected cards since i was a kid. What do i buy?

Isaac Arreguin says:

11:41 i got that one

KipGames says:

Man Leon your upload speed is so nice watching 3-4 vids a week is the bomb! ^^ Come check out my booster box openings too ! I got inspired by you !!! 🙂

Kanishk Malkan says:

i would put 1 packet of each set ever released!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Crash Pokémon Cards says:

Boop boop

lrd 167 says:

7:15 “or nicole”
I remember you noticed yourself that there is nobody called nicole. Love it. 😀

Ryan Laassouli says:

Half team up half gx Japanese

MyBoys And Everything Else says:

*Hi squirtle squad btw*

Carson Exploring And More says:

Dragonite ex is worth 12 dollars its the rarest ex in evolutions

Sweetbutterflykripperino says:

Hey dude, you ever seen LeOn from Curb your Enthusiasm?

Ty and Troy says:

Leon just so you know the white codes are the good one’s Ok

miranda a.k.a goomba says:

I Love you xoxoxo I love you so much baby

Random Toh says:


preejith padmakshan says:

You are just superb Leo hert

DylanGameur516 says:

Big up from France bro

Charmaine Chambaud says:

Just pulled judge whistle secret rare from a random team up pack

Taigafire says:

Awsome pulls. Awsome video. Loved it.

Transtastic 92 says:

I freaking love your channel. Really want to start a channel because I open up all kinds of packs all the time. Who knows maybe in the future. Great job!

Dave Smith says:

I’m 9 and that metagross gx doesn’t scare me

Layla :3 says:


Jennifer l says:

You’re infinity Times great than dark ghoul

S0m3t1m3sy says:

I love when you set a non holo rare off screen it always looks like your just frizbe throwing it the way your hands move.

King Luigi says:

I’m more happy over the fact that you remembered the sleeves this time lol amazing video though as always!

Grigore Busta says:

my sister has full art ninetales

Squirtle HD says:

I would have made a custom booster box with, baset sun and moon, evolutions, team up, guardians rising, GX ultra shiny and celestial storm. Also I recently uploaded a lot of Team Up content, why not check it out?

A Cat Fan That Has No Headphones says:

I would do old and new! Like black and white and maybe sun and moon

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