Dawn Wings Necrozma GX / Ultra Necrozma GX vs Random Decks – Pokemon TCG Online Game Play

Andrew Mahone plays Dawn Wings Necrozma GX / Ultra Necrozma GX vs Naganadel GX / Beast Box vs a Spread Deck on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online in this PTCGO game play video.

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NDogg15 says:

Nice bedhead.

David Ryan says:

Do you think using nacrozma gx instead of ultra necrozma gx leaves you to vulnerable to psychic? Just thinking that since your not really using the ultra necrozma much it might be good to just get rid of the metal energy all together

adam hawley says:

I love the list I hope you put together a zygard gx deck teck or something and I not sure if you have put together a deck teck cause I would love see your thoughts cause I honestly have cut ultra ball because the other items that searches all the Pokemon in the deck to make room for more Constance and play a 3 2 split of dawn and ultra necrozmas I’ve been playing it that way since last night and it’s really good and I have to say as well puzzle very good in the deck

purpleturtle says:

Would you say its better to play this or buzzwole considering rotation isn’t all that far away?

PJ_Fult RBLX says:

Can you get break cards in Pokèmon TCG?

Jack's Pokémon says:

Could you test out Zygarde?

Steve K says:

Can you post your list for this deck?? Looking to make this on ptcgo and want to make sure I have all the bells and whistles

aggregor says:

I would rather playing 1 Malamar less to add 1 Zoroark GX and be able to discard more

CAB3:16 Toronto Music Producer says:

see u in a few days bro bro

Hunter Thorne says:

These shoutouts to Canada really feed my patriotism

dudang patawaran says:

Gonna copy this Andrew. Thanks. ☺

Gam Johnson says:

Lol its not a brand new archetype. Ever played rayeels before? Its the same concept.

Sean Cordova says:

Dang you had be trippin when you were talking about hitting guzma in that last game with a guzma in hand, not realizing you were prepping for an N. All I could think was damn man you need to get more sleep lol.

Callum Calpol says:

Andrew are you coming to Sheffield Regionals in England on June 15th

Penny Branch says:

Anybody else a huge fan of the Ultra Prism Lillie full art?

Zach Vassar says:

Love this deck. Keep us updated with your changes to it! Keep up the good work brother!

Frankie Ashley says:

I see you playing giratina in this deck lol good call

Savannah Pellett says:

Love it. Helps me learn TCG!

Keagen Schallon says:


Joshua Graham says:

Love this deck

Ryan Miller says:

Why not run the psychic/metal/lighting unit energy instead of basic metal? I mean since you’re mostly attacking with dawn wings, it seems like a more versatile option

Eltyr says:

Put the float stone on Dawn Wings, not Inkays.

Jamesta James says:

I couldn’t watch the first part of the stream because my youtube stinks, but have you thought about the Unit Energy with Metal and Psychic for this deck? I mean you don’t get to use Professor’s Letter on them, but they can be played on all of your attackers? I think it’s at least a good option for when Professor’s Letter rotates.

Dario Link says:

The list seems pretty good, but why there’s no beast rings?

Taylor Marzuco says:

So glad you are doing the testing! Definitely considering this deck for Madison!!

Turbo Flareon says:

My friends at my league play regular necrozma with malamar. So I do my thing and play volc because I am pretty good at playing it regardless if it’s good or not.

RJDG69 says:

What’s your deck list like? Have you made many changes to what you started with?

Dakota Davey says:

Have you considered dropping a float stone for a 4th guzma? It really helps make sure you take those 2 prize kos and it puts your mon back on the bench to load up or in dawn wings case just infiltrate. Im still torn between Lilly and brigette myself I just don’t really think it’s worth using a valuable bench spot to grab Lilly if you have a draw supporter in hand. I see more instances where brigette is optimal it allows you to save your ball search for further set up.

CookieBat16 says:

Did you realise you had Guzma in hand before you were hit by N?

TheMasterSaurus says:

Poipole People Eaters!

Daniel Palland says:

can you test sometime Beast Box/ Metal Box ?

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