Decidueye GX / Ninetales GX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone works out the kinks in Alolan Ninetales GX / Decidueye GX in this Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay video.

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ucsbrandon says:

Fun deck/video. I know the feeling too well when a deck is clunky and missing draws but you really like it and want it to work and can’t stop playing it. Great feeling though when you get hot and everything falls into place.

Brandino Macleodeto says:

Any other partners for decidueye besides ninetails? It’s such a hard card to get ahold of

Michael Anderson says:


Ultra Pokémon Collector says:

17;32 you should have super boost to swampert

Ultra Pokémon Collector says:

Try decidueye zoro gx

UrSavGamer Gamer says:

Replace grass energy with Water and grass unit energy in order to get swampert’s hydro pump attack up.

jonathon fowler says:

Sweet 1st and my deck for the next few weeks

TurkeyGoblin says:

Damn, was painful not seeing you take the Ninetales from the Hollow Hunt GX :O

Cammron Keehley says:

Mahone!! Love your content man. Made me get into the game and love it so far. Keep up the good work!

B Bailey says:

Can someone trade me a couple ninetales so i can play this deck I don’t have a lot of time to play or collect but this deck looks super fun! Thanks for your consideration.

laugh away says:

Ninetales/Blacephalon are damn expensive in ptcgo trades right now, I cant afford it lol

cpt leeadama says:

Love your little pop in voiceovers 🙂

PokeKid5000 says:


Liam Kiyashka says:

Andrew looked happy at that guzma/cake pop play.

NDogg15 says:

That poor ZoroCargo guy with the worst Judge in history

J Pannafino says:

Add a fire pokemon and you could use arceus prism star to charge up.

Tanish Sachdeva says:

I love your videos. Lovely deck. Keep it up. #neverpunished

Selwyn Simmons says:

I wish I could Battle you

Fizzy Adrenaline says:

Andrew could you do a gameplay with Sceptile and Lurantis. Been rocking that deck. Should be good

Mansmo says:

I’d prefer going all Swampert route when playing against Blacephalon.

slayerbeats pokemon says:

Lets see if it goes well today

TurkeyGoblin says:

Haha “lek – ter” it’s “lek – sure”, silly 🙂

Jamesta James says:

All hail King Decidueye!

Nadav sc says:

why not play weakness policy for blacephalon?

Duncan Patchin says:

You need best ball, seems like you’re always discarding through ultra ball

Boba Life says:

More blacephalon

Euler Machado says:

Late comment: Mahone, is playing 2 hours with delcidueye a super radical sport?! I LOVE DECIDUTALEEESS THANK YOUUU #neverpunished

TheGrumpyGoku says:

Only thing that erks me about the videos and it’s more of a pet peeve is that u pull up ur discard pill way to much

Jamesta James says:

I like running Life Forest (with Max Potions) so it can counter the Prism Stadiums while also healing.

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