Decidueye GX vs Buzzwole GX and Mewtwo GX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplays

Andrew Mahone plays Decidueye GX / Ninetales GX vs Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX and Mewtwo GX / Malamar on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online gameplay.

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Jonathan Dusenberry says:

I’ve been playing TCGO for about 3 or 4 months now and have gotten very into it. My biggest problem is that I can’t seem to get very specific cards (really just Tapu Lele GX) that would help me build some legitimate decks.

Aside from just keep buying packs or buy in bulk and trading for those specific cards on the open market, is there any other way to get them? Or should I just keep playing the lottery of Guardian’s Rising packs?

Number Six says:

36:12 MAHONE!!!! WAKE UP! Haha, good game ultimately!

Pro Gamer says:

you kinda sound like a pokemon nerd saying all the fancy pokemon stuff no offence m8

Pyre Dynasty says:

Mahone’s next tattoo: Feather Arrow! On his mouse hand.

Lilith Demon-Godess says:

Oh yeah schools out this week! 2 excellent games there Andrew bar the feather arrows BUT you knew your mistake. I adore thinker decks which is why I love these decidueye/greninja decks! Keep up the brilliant work and enjoy your holidays <3 You deserve it

rojoshow13 says:

I don’t think the Super Boost Energy counts as a single energy of any type if you don’t have the 3 stage 2’s. I think it ends up being a colorless energy. So I don’t think you can attach it and do Hollow Hunt. I seem to remember attaching a Super Boost Energy to a Solgaleo at one point in a game and I couldn’t Sol Burst because it only counted as colorless and not metal.

AlphuS LF says:

Feather Arrow! Feather Arrow! Feather Arrow!

Kvng Zero says:

I just want to see ho-ho/turt again ;-;

PGHEWrexham says:

Could you please play some kika Bulu?

Allen Zuniga says:

That game 2 though hahah

Tyrick Mikes says:

should have labelled this episode the curse of natalie

applesandshoes says:

Lmfaooooo!!! You’re distracted by love

Richie Rich says:


Strahinja Marjanovic says:

yay decidueye!

Jamesta James says:

😮 45 minutes of Decidueye

Patrick Tucker says:

This was so epic man. So good.

justin zandbeek says:

You’re my hero man!

Kyle Goguen says:

What a rollercoaster

Matthew Connors says:

So to be good like Andrew I gotta forget to feather arrow during the end of the game, gotcha!

Steven Star Wars says:

hey do you think you can bring Riley back and make a few changes about sweatygross, maybe add a heavy ball.

Jivitesh Mullangi says:

Do a troll hoopa deck

Guy Wantha says:

thoughts on unit energy over basic grass

Ryan O'Rourke says:

Andrew tried his best to lose vs Mewtwo, but he couldn’t. 😀

NDogg15 says:

I’ve always thought that Buzzroc was basically an autopilot deck, but I guess some people are just that dumb…

Avery Edwards says:

Andrew my eyesight is horrible and I can’t tell the number of each card you’re playing. Could you (or anyone who sees this) comment the deck list? Thank you.

Lumi Asagi says:

Feather Arrow? More like never arrow

Caleb Scott says:

My stepdaughter really enjoys watching your videos and they’ve definitely helped her improve, but it kills me how you keep mispronouncing finagle.

clintgimbel says:

The issue I’m having is everything I build to fight buzzswole dies to the other decks. The deck I built to fight the other decks dies to Buzzswole. It sucks.

ucsbrandon says:

Wow, this summer blockbuster had it all. Twists, turns, the fallible hero who manages to overcome adversity and his own internal failings and come back against the odds to miraculously save the day. (Plus the cute wise-cracking sidekick for comedy relief.) Four stars, would watch again.

ArtyFarts says:

You should make a place where people can recommend decks. I have a decidueye deck that I think you may like but I don’t know how to communicate it. Maybe a discord?

gravesaw says:

Rip feather arrow

Euler Machado says:

What an awesommmeeeeee match in the final lol

Matt Gregg says:

Schools almost out for summer.

j 1 says:

dont forget to feather arrow… and dont forget to wash your hands

Nick Gerlach says:

Final game was against me. I didn’t even see your name when I was playing last night. That N down to one card that you gave me pretty much got it for you. I had game if you didn’t. That was definitely a fun game.

BananaTree Gaming says:

There were two ZoroGarb’s in Juniors top 8 (Madison)

Alec G says:

against the buzz, you could’ve put the 20 on regi to put it at 140 instead of diancie on 70 because then you had guzma razor leaf diancie and double feather arrow ko regi

Fracie says:

I feel like the timers go too quickly sometimes on PTCGO. Sometimes I feel like I’ve spent ages trying to decide what to do without doing anything that turn. Other times it just goes to my turn and the bell is already ringing.

Also, a few mistakes you made was trying to go for multiple prizes. But being blinded about the prizes to be taken during the Mewtwo game. I know you missed some feather arrows (we’ve all been there) but you should have been spreading damage to the baby Mewtwo or Inkay/Malamar since you had the option to be able to one shot the Mewtwo GX at any given point in the game. You should have forced your opponent into a spot where you could easily take 4 prizes at once instead of waiting to get the Mewtwo GX KO.

VGJuice Box says:

can you do some games with mega gardy please dad

Pro Gamer says:

How do you get such good pokemon cards, do you use alot of ur mums credit card to buy booster packs to get the codes or what?

Eternalsoulstice says:

My heart was in my throat the entire last game! Good game!

Mimikyu Militia says:


Zach Vassar says:

I think this deck really needs zoroark. This deck really loves to whiff on dicidueye and zoro lets you dig for it.

ArtyFarts says:

Use a skyla to look for rare candy to set yourself up faster.

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