Decidueye GX vs Tapu Koko GX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Decidueye GX vs Tapu Koko GX in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video.

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TheGame says:

I am Groot

tarot nerd says:

Nice win

Jamesta James says:

Love Decidueye

Kelsey Little says:

I watch your videos everyday! Really love the online play and that you play different decks. Also like when you open boxes on the main channel. Mahone is the best!

Slagomancer says:

Still no decklist link, eh? Sheesh.

Puskimon says:


Buzz Lightyears says:

can you make a incienaroar and ho oh deck

Pull The Hairdrier says:

I really hate Decitales rn. I just got done with my league cup and had to start (literally no other basics, not even a Lele) 2/3 rounds! And on top of that, I bricked T1 Brigette all 3 times with no ultra ball or Lele. Selling my Decitales deck for Vika/Bulu.

Andersen cards and collecting says:


Jonathan navarro suarez says:

Best competitive tcg channel

Jos3 H3rnand3z says:

But I play tapu koko and I won tapu bulu but lost to gardivoir and metagross/necrazma but I also have 2 necrozma and 1 full art metagross but I’m doing good I’m still hanging in there winning good deck

F BT says:

Wow, all your stuffs.. what’s up?
Total makeover?

flamewheel101 says:

I play this deck without any evolution chains or clunk, i run scoops, aether stadium, max potions and fighting fury belts to just flow my dudes and tank hits

Poke Lair TCG says:

At 19:10 you could have won the game by first feather arrow on koko( 2 prizes ), 2nd on that raichu( another prize ) and third in that raikou. You then could have used ultra ball for tapu koko( was in the deck for sure ) and used Guzma on the raikou, sending up tapu Koko. You then field blower the stadium and razor leaf for the last prize.

Supreme player says:


garett ridler says:

Great game

Hunter Thorne says:

i was kinda hoping for tapu koko, just because it was the first deck i made when i got into pokemon, its not super competitive but its fairly cheap to get a hold of, and its pretty easy to use so ive always liked it !

Darby Allan says:

What is on your floor?

Jos3 H3rnand3z says:

I just started PTCGO and I don’t have a meta deck like a fully good ninetales deck all I have is 4 tapu koko and 4 Marshadows and I don’t have any of the good cards to make the deck like float stone and tapu lele

Drogba757 says:

I don’t understand your obsession with Ninetails GX.

Jos3 H3rnand3z says:

I’m really happy I pulled latios

Nickolas Devage says:

Some day can you v.s me my user name is Mmewtoex9

Ahmed Marin says:

can I see the decklist to this deck?

Joe Gizzi says:

So on the turn you killed the raichu and the other koko, you could of got the lele back, got the sycamore, played the sycamore, hoped you drew into the choice band that you did, then you could of knocked out the active koko with the feather arrows and razor leaf. I know you still won the game, its just a different line that I probably would of went with.

Jun Kwon says:

starting from 18:24 ultraball tapu koko>bench koko>field blower paradise>guzma raikou/promote koko> retreat back to decidueye>feather arrow (1) raichu for ko> feather arrow (2) koko for ko> feather arrow (3) raikou + razer leaf for ko. thats 4 prizes. idk why you grabbed ninetales gx

Weeby Whimsicott says:

I love how at 20:55 he had the game xD

Jigglypoop97 says:

Thanks for all the content Mahone! Make a bunch of playlists separating out each by which deck you are showcasing.

Stars Clash Gamer says:

where is the sleeve review? ive been waiting ages

Josh Freeman says:

First. Lol.

Thomas Sawaya says:

wow the deriums studio looks really messy!

Jacob Heagle says:

Great Job Andrew

Chackachub4267 TV says:

5th comment please say hi andrew

Penny Branch says:

Anyone just come from card shop life.

Todd Odom says:

It’s too bad he didn’t have a Xurkitree GX or you would’ve had a sucky match lol.

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