Decidueye GX / Zoroark GX vs Greninja BREAK – Pokemon TCG Online Game Play

Andrew Mahone plays Decidueye GX / Zoroark GX vs Greninja BREAK in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online game play video.

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Thunderflash85 says:


Leroy Brown says:

How do you record a pokemon tcgo battle

Matt Gregg says:

Nice Game, I know you had weakness and were way up in prizes so it probably didn’t matter, but do you think putting energy on the Decidueye without the float stone may have been better in hindsight?

Jamesta James says:

I just watched every Decidueye (which I think is 5) match you posted. This is literally the reason I sub’d to the channel, is to see Decidueye GX l, so it’s good to get back to ol faithful : ) Once Parallel City and Garb has rotated, this deck will be bomb again. RIP Forest of Giant Plants.

Alexander Camacho Terrazas says:

I love Decidueye so much. Hope it comes back. Btw Zoroark can attack too haha

Richie Rich says:


Top Trash says:

at the end i was just screaming ZOROARK ATTACK!!!! I run this deck on PTCGO and in real life so I am VERY aware of these things lol

Strahinja Marjanovic says:


PKMN Trainer Nate says:

Hey love your stuff but you had game when you had 3 prizes double feather arrow plus zoroark attack

shadowdraqon says:

this is y gren shouldnt play tapu fini

Derium's Competitive Pokemon says:

totally spaced on the fact that i could have ended the game with zoroark a turn early – anyways, gonna fix up this list and see if Decidueye can do anything going forward!

Thunderflash85 says:

Mahone I hope one day you win the worlds because I would freak out I hunk you could do it

Andy Fulcher says:

Yayy my favorite I got a crazy list of this deck kinda like Tords Oceania deck but tweaked a little bit topped 8 like three cups with it love Birds #rowletarmyforlife

Thunderflash85 says:

Omg srry I meant #mahomies lol mahone is so cool

Camden Disney says:


Jamesta James says:

If we are Patreons, do you take deck requests, if only a game or two? Not to post to the channel or anything, but just in your free time? If so, I’d like to donate, to show you my Decidueye deck : )

Poke' Apocalypse says:

More Decidueye doing what Decidueye does best, and thats make me feel very angry. xD

Leroy Brown says:

Decidueye GX or Lurantis promo?

dPontes says:

You totally forgot about Zoroark attack hahahahah

Jason Robinson says:

Can’t wait to see an updated list. Decidueye is my favorite Pokemon. Thanks for the content as always.

Josh Emrick says:

For some reason I can’t get this

Soccer Monster says:

4th #mahomies

Slappy White says:

why couldn’t you attack with zoroark last turn for the ko on that fini?

Riley Hulbert says:

Wow Decidueye is back from the dead and it immediately shows us a rad game! Super stoked to see this bad boy back, Decidueye is a long time favorite of mine. Did you per chance ever lose to a Decidueye at a League Cup this year Andrew? Deck seems busted!!

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