Decidueye GX / Zoroark GX vs Zoroark GX / Golisopod GX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Decidueye GX / Zoroark GX vs Zoroark GX / Golisopod GX on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.

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Sam Carpenter says:

What are your thoughts on E hammer and 4 Puzzles in the deck? The idea is to out grind your opponenr

Churraso4 says:

I dont understand one thing: On the last turn, couldnt he had just feather arrow a couple of times to Zoruark and then Miraculous shine for game?

T-Nation says:

”Pimped out decks doesnt make you play better” is a tip of pokemon themself

Derium's Competitive Pokemon says:

Two games here- start out vs a lone rock ruff then transfer to a long game vs zoroark / golisopod. Enjoy!

CK says:

Or your opponent is Bill Gates in disguise. That moustache is giving me that vibe.

thepeterpot says:

Sycamore was the correct play at the end there as you mentioned in the video, but the big thing that you missed (and I didn’t realize until reading the comments) is that your opponents counter energy wasn’t activated since you were tied on prizes :O So much depth to this game, I love it!!

joshua walker says:

People have unlocked accounts!! Those $#!+#&@?$!

Javier marrero jr says:

Guzma is too good to be a one of!! Lol

RKJAllday says:

What’s an unlocked account?

Supreme player says:

Good video

Dad Epic says:

Good game Andrew.

Zoe Gossow says:


Bobby Garcia says:

Andrew is bae

Sheldon Garrafa says:

That dude got SPANKED

FireZ says:

Nice Video keep it up

Poke' Apocalypse says:

Awesome stuff Mahone!! Keep up the awesome work man

Joshua Trevino says:

That was one blinged out deck u were playing against, great win.

Joshua Samora says:

Do you think Evosoda is necessary?

Tyler Lawrence says:

Andrew I really enjoy these videos, keep it up dude!

Jonathan Rincon says:

Why u still playing the wrong zorua u said u were going to change to the right one lol

Scott Moyers says:

Golisopod/Zoroark my children. My favorite gen7 Pokemon combined with my favorite Pokemon of all time, working together. Awesome game to watch as always but unfortunately I had to root for the other player lol

Tankbabymonkey Yazel_to_tou says:

Hey Mahone, you make some realy great videos. I was just curious why you are playing the moonlight madness zoura? It would make sense to play the shining legends zorua because you don’t play rainbow energy. Just a thought, keep up the good work!

Sam Davis says:

You forgot to trade with zoroark on the turn you devolved. Also the counter energy wasn’t live on the last turn because you both had 2 prizes left. Great game though.

tarot nerd says:



First like

Nipun Kapoor says:

Your opponent couldn’t have played the counter energy at the end there because you both have the same prizes. He was basically stuck with Zoroark because you only had two prize pokemon on your board. Nice game. 🙂

Nick Hacquebord says:

Whats an unlocked account

ryan petroff says:

Keep up the great work!

DrChicken Pokemon says:

You could of got the grass energy with mallow and the decidueye to bring the espeon out and get rid of the zoroark

Chance Swafford says:

After the 1st mallow you could have sniped the zoroark 2x with decidueye and then used espeon ex to devolve and kill the zorua before he acerola. Love watching all your videos though. You have helped make me a much better player.

SHINY Pokemon Superfan says:

I have a cool alter of the moone deck

Coolhand 118 says:

Can you still make a video about noivern gx/ garb deck

TheGame says:

I am Groot

Edwin says:

could you please have otto do an updated deck profile on his solgaleo list?

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