DOG PULLS SECRET RARE!! Burning Shadows Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Opening

Today we are opening Burning Shadows booster packs on the Pokemon Trading Card Game online and Dog brings us good luck again and pulls a Secret Rare!

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Marco says:

Love the vids

jamison v says:


Mystic Lugia says:


gummybear bear says:


Julie Jacobs says:


Zachary Ayscue says:

I play ptcgo

Asha Rigada says:


Veronica Torres says:

Lucky puppy

Xpack 3718 says:

The DOG has more skills then me 😉

dunnstoopid420 says:

You only need 3 for the goli deck man just a heads up for ya!! and I play ptcgo!!!

TE Knudson says:


Shani Yablonsky says:

I play ptsgo

Ant Lep says:

nice vid!

Jean Pierre Mendez says:

Hi good afternoon great video

77_ Vlogs says:

Doggy Luckkkkkkk

Batman_Gaming says:

I play ptcgo

SauceN says:


Messy 817 says:

I’ve seen dogs that can do amazing things but a dog that can pull pokemon cards is unbelievable!!!

SauceN says:

i play ptcgo

Frankie & Shyanne Baldwin says:

I play tcgo

Richard F Kelly says:

i play ptcgo

RealBreakingNate says:

Another great video Poké Man & Wife! I think my dog Eevee might have to challenge your doggy!

Paul Yang says:


Senaritch games says:

Those pulls were AMAZING

Pokemon Fan 2.0 says:

I play ptcgo

MlgDankSenpai says:

I play tcgo

tarot nerd says:

nice video

Latiamy77 says:

Sweet pulls! I play ptcgo! My username is Smushi. ^-^

Galactic Kitty says:


Darren Zhuang says:

Doggie power for the win!

Vintage Pokemon says:

Love the new logo intro ! Doge is always so lucky 🙂

Hilary Anne says:

I play

peihuan cheng says:


MegzToyReviewz says:

If you need a real life Golisopod just ask me cuz I’ve pulled 4 RA & 1 HR

teej 0_o says:

I play tcgo
Man and wife y’all are too fun

Alexander Savage says:

Can’t lie, came for the dog this time.

Michelle Skill says:

100th comment

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