Dusk Mane Necrozma GX / Garbodor VS 4X Random Decks – Pokemon TCG Online Game Play

Andrew Mahone plays Dusk Mane Necrozma GX / Garbodor VS 4X random decks on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online in this game play video. Will Metal decks become viable again with the popularity of Espeon GX and Gardevoir GX? Watch to find out!

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How do u think a buzzwole garb deck would do in expanded over buzzroc

Henry King says:

Ayy my new fav deck

Erick Williams says:

u hit vulpix with duskmane and it hit for weekness.. BUT.. u also added a fury belt.. u were suppose to hit for 140 but it glitched… (not cool) ptcgo better fix this soon!

Dead Memes says:

Your Dusk Mane Garb Deck Is Not Called Dusk Man Garb. *Gasps*

rojoshow13 says:

Anyone who plays PTCGO should contact the support and report bugs with Fighting Fury Belt and Golisopod GX. The FFB isn’t adding the extra 10 damage. I noticed it the other day when me and my opponent had them and his Baby Volcanion should have been doing 30 but only did 20 and my Buzzwole was still only doing 30 and 160. It still gives the 40 extra HP. And I noticed that the Dusk Mane should have hit the Vulpix for 140 but only did 120. And as for Golisopod GX, the Armor Press attack isn’t reducing damage on the opponents next turn. And I saw it happen to me and my opponent in the same game. I tried to report it but they want the game log and I can’t figure out how to do it. I can copy it to clipboard but I can’t figure out how to attach it in the actual report. I just can’t find it once it’s exported.

ashiqur rahman says:

Bang!!! Busted deck!!

Poke' Apocalypse says:

Steel is so powerful in the meta game right now. o_o
Like holy wowzers! Great games man.

Noah Johnson says:

I don’t thank dusk mane can run properly without magnazone

Riley Hulbert says:

Man this deck is so good that Andrew can succeed without even knowing how to read! Crazy! #ottobots

Tim Melton says:

We only scream at you through the monitor because we love you 😉

Super Bones says:

This whole video you got solgaleo prism wrong, it attaches 1 energy from the discard pile for every pokemon your opponent has in play not for every bench pokemon

Steve K says:

Can you post the list? Love the tabletop stuff!!! Keep these sweet videos coming, loving them all!!

Jack Muad'Dib says:

Are you and Natalie married? Because that sure sounded rehearsed! Jk!

Derek Theiss says:


Mimikyu Militia says:

m/ m/

Ramzdin says:

Anyone have a deck list for it?

Kittykattcyborg Tcg says:

i play sylveon. that dude misplayed so bad

The Baxter says:

You scoop and not let your opponent finish the game properly…you’re that guy? Is this a joke?

tdog1926 says:

That sylveon player could’ve easily done Plea GX and got your whole start reset so be careful committing your energy all to one spot

nuclear23 says:

hey live stream playing the table top games

ArtyFarts says:

I love any channel that starts with the word Derium’s

Patrick Hand says:

Using your event tickets to enter some short tournaments could make for some cool videos.

ArtyFarts says:

I love ur videos keep up the good work!

Mystic 64 says:

League challenge you taking part in?

Cristian Juarez says:

I thought they fixed that bug with Armor Press a while ago. Weird.

Feral Pal says:

I absolutely love the decks that auto makes. I took his 60 from st. Louis to a local cup and… i lost all 5 rounds… even to a garde deck. I’m pretty sure I’m trash, but I also feel like you might as well play buzz garb.

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