Dusk Mane Necrozma GX / Garbodor VS Buzzwole GX / Garbodor – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Dusk Mane Necrozma GX / Garbodor VS Buzzwole GX / Garbodor in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online gameplay video.

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yo mama says:

Please stop smacking your lips after you swallow your spit

JammingMeme says:

I’ve been testing metals/garb but I don’t actually play dusk mane in mine as it seems a bit energy consuming, I play celesteela, cobalion and stuff mainly with a higher registeel count. However I also play unit energy + trashalance – it is worth trying that in a slower build.

Joshua Trotterchaud says:

Hey man I run a golisopod/zoroark list and I was wondering if you know of any answers to gardevoir/zoroark. It’s the only matchup I really struggle with

fantasyisntfun says:

good game but this comment section is killing me. deck is on top of my list to test for nc.

Aditya Kaushal says:

Around the 4 minute mark you should’ve ditched your elixir and ffb, searched for Lele, attached float to registeel, attach metal to mewtwo and guzma’d the buzzwole with energy

Poke' Apocalypse says:

WOAH, that was an awesome game, top deck for the win, thats good feel good!

Hayden Pease says:

can pls make more tabletop matches with Natalie because i like the first one you did

ray hidalgo says:


Ben Rod says:

Misplays omg

Notorious BLT says:

I’ve been playing with a buzzswole/Trevenant/Regirock/Espeon deck

Megaman says:

Man that new carbink promo could help ur buzz/garb deck even more if they release it in english

The Relentless Naxi says:

The worst Carbink played in a Buzzwole deck

Viktor Bekaert says:

nice deck

ashiqur rahman says:

Great video

skwerlyman 789 says:

Maybe find room for some Switches? Would make it easier to switch out Dusk Mane after it attacks, and out of a Registeel/Solgaleo Prism once it’s ready to go again.

Euler Machado says:

Mahone, it was an awesome match! Do you think ypu have to “hide” your solgaleo prism star a little longer? I say only putting it down in the late game? Thanks again for the video!!!

Asif Tube says:


oh no its the trash man says:

I personally perfer Dusk Mane/Magnezone.

cochiselol1232 says:

The opponents deck was blinged out. They had all secret rare energies

Trey Key says:

You could have had a turn 2 knock out on that buzzwole

Slagomancer says:


Wesusa Gamer says:

Wow great gameplay!

David Huyck says:

4th comment

Jamesta James says:

People can’t stop playing it? My Decidueye/Leafeon deck beat Buzz/Garb. Hollow Hunt ftw.

keaton yoshiba says:

You I’m going

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