Empoleon / Swampert – Pokemon TCG Online Games and Patreon Giveaway!

Andrew Mahone plays his new Empoleon / Swampert deck in this Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay video. He also gives away a sweet GX counter and two PSA Graded Misty’s Determination to some of his Patreon subs!

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Andres Ramos says:

Maybe add metal Empoleon to counter Garde?

Revolutionaire Rebel says:

Too many stage 2 man it cant work!!!

Collin Kurzner says:

I can’t afford this hobby man

Number Six says:

I feel like you should play 1 Acerola if you are going to play Lele and Shrine.

bernieswim says:

I love this deck. Maybe tech in a Frost Rotom to counter Ray and Gardy that swarm energy onto their side of the field.

Slotholopolis To you says:

That first game when Gardy was down to 20, did you avoid the play to Guzma their Lele for the knockout and flying flip to snipe the gardy fearing the max potion?

Mickey Pedersen says:

It’s not bugged. You were in the Price lead so the counter energy only counts as one energy attachment

Hunter Thorne says:

Weird to think they are both theme decks

JaChamp78 says:

I play Swampert Empoleon with magcargo I’ve been at this that thought out when Swamper got revealed for post rotation. Still working out the Kinks with my deck

blitz thekraken says:

I was looking at the new set. Could you try Norverin GX with Judge and Margcago and Acro bike, with hammers — more of a control deck? I’m not sure if it will be to slow. But in this meta, a possible early turn item lock would seem like it would create a lot of problems with such slow setups. It just seems like players can’t wack till the 3rd or fourth turn. Figured Item and special energy lock would add a layer of complexity for the opponent. — just thoughts

Terry Sweany says:

Man, this looks like it good be a fun and hard hitting deck! How can I go about finding the deck list, sir? Thanks for everything you do and keep doing what you do for the community

Uriah Windham says:

Are you going to put those gx counters up for sale on your etsy’s store??

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Hey mahone loved the deck. I think shrine of punishment is busted in this deck. And yes you r right in the comments that it was not a bug because you were ahead in prizes. But that’s ok, humans do mistakes. Nice!

InTerNaLReFleX says:

Would you ever tech in a metal Empoleon for a better garde matchup?

Pokefan123 says:

15:15 cmon You said it Yourself I am ahead in prizes => only one NRG

JaChamp78 says:

Andrew would you like my list for Empoleon Swampert magcargo

Onion says:

It’s not bugged, you were ahead on prizes, so the Counter Energy turned back into it’s single colourless state.

Samson Drake says:

free codes

Brent Kilgore says:

Hey Mahone, wanted to ask your advice to us students becoming teachers? In my second year of college currently!

nacho enpiedra says:

18:11 Andrew could’ve Guzma the Lele GX for knockout, leaving the opponent whit the Gardevoir GX with 20 HP left ready for “Flying flip”. Either win condition or making him slow down (using Max potion), I guess it could’ve been better. Great content as always!

Matt Gregg says:

What are your thoughts on Ilima?

Alex McCorkindale says:

I think Alolan Vulpix is even better this format

Jamesta James says:

This is the second video in a row where you said a deck is on the verge of being great lol. It seems like these videos are actually my favorite, where the deck isn’t OP and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Empoleon, Greninja GX, etc. Maybe even some GX decks that aren’t the most popular now. I know the channel is “competitive”, but you don’t have that in your channel’s name anymore, so maybe we can see more gameplay like the last two videos where you defeat Ray and Garde (or have close games) with these “almost great” decks 😀

james oconnor says:

Mahone I don’t think this is
Good enough to be competitive
Because it’s main Pokemon
Are both stage 2’s

Megaman says:

I would cut the superboost and add the baby ninetales. Ive been playing a 2 2 alolan sandshrew/sandslash line with the free attack (30/60 dmg), 3 vulpix, 2 baby ninetales (cant be attacked by gx pokemon) and 1 gx ninetales and a 3 3 eevee glaceon deck. Baby ninetales has been great! And also turn 2 frost bullet for 90/30 dmg and ability lock 🙂

Valkyrie Magistelle says:

I wanna see a video of mahone just flailing his arms around for 5 mins like this one in 3x speed

Kais Hassanali says:

Soooo hyped that I won the GX Counter! I can’t wait to use it in all my games. Thanks for the awesome giveaway Mahone!

MaleficSheep says:

4:48 You might wanna be careful with the adress and stuff

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