Empoleon vs Random Decks on Pokemon TCG Online w/ Riley Hulbert

Andrew Mahone plays Empoleon vs Random Decks on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online with Riley Hulbert.

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Marcus Navarro says:

It’s like on the surface I’m like this isn’t gonna be a good video…. the entire time I have a smile from ear to ear and I can stop watching. You guys are on to something here!

nuclear23 says:

Do more videos together

Scott Moyers says:

I like the dynamic you and Riley have together, this is awesome!

Matt Millers says:

Lovin’ these hang sessions. So chill and funny. Lovin’ Empoleon deck too

Lakehouse 160 says:

When I clicked on this vid I was going to suggest showing us the deck list before you play. But you’ve already done. Keep up the great work mahones

lenny duran says:

The bromance is real.

Thomas Sawaya says:

Can someone count how many times Mahone closes his mouth?

Justin Kottemann says:

Alright I gotta know can someone explain to me why there’s never Splash energy in these lists. Is it rotating and I just missed that or something?

Jamesta James says:

I feel like ya’ll are too distracted when playing side by side. But it doesn’t matter because this is the online game and not the physical card game. It’s good to have fun, because what is the point of playing, if you’re not having fun?

Aaron Phillips says:

Love the collab videos with both Natalie and Riley! Hilarious, fun to watch, and very interesting to hear you guys bounce ideas off each other during the matches.

Joshua Trevino says:

Thx for the vid Mahone, it was fun watching u two play this deck out.

Pineapple Toot says:

Nice work guys

Supreme player says:

Good video

alex lobato says:

tapu bili vs tapu koko

Richard Halsall says:

Ever think of fitting in a captivating pokepuff ?

Braiden Wilson says:

Make more vids with Riley Hubert, it’s so much fun to watch and better when there are multiple people playing online with you.

Brian Sciarratta says:

Would be awesome to see derium’s bring Riley on as well. To have 2 amazing competition pro players on staff takes this to the next level

Nick Rolo says:

Hi, I bought an Empoleon theme deck, can I get tips on upgrades?

Andy Bolanos says:

You can try adding Shining Celebi as another basic with the “Time Recall” ability because there might be a time where you might need to use Prinplup’s Bubblebeam attack and try to stall a turn. Kinda sacky but hey maybe worth a shot.

Harold Kok says:

Captivating poke puff and splash energy works miracles when I play this deck.

Happy Cosmog says:

great cheerful and fun video this is what Pokemon tcg is about !

Eeveelutions8 says:

As I said the last time Riley could look like your brother :D.

ChaosSaberX says:

you guys are having so much fun !

Preston Stutzman says:

Tapu fini is a basic thing you could fit in for its gx attack

Jessup Orr says:

35:07 brocklet hills for basic

A D V G Y M says:

You guys look like brothers!

John Nguyen says:

Fantastic video! It was so fun, so informative and hoping to see more people come by to play with ya!

Edgar Rodriguez says:

Counter energy and sudowoodo works well for me.

Cameron Mendez says:

More of these with you two!

Random Thing 123 says:

Congrats on him winning Dallas

Anthony Lopez says:

Are you guys on the pot….so funny…

FacePalm Tree says:

You should add in Counter energy and Splash energy

Hunter Thorne says:

these videos are very fun, i like to watch them! i also just like the empoleon deck as well

Mal Rabia says:

hahhaha! amazing video man. how about adding in shining legends keldeo, watch and learn sudowudo and counter energies?

rojoshow13 says:

I’ve never seen that challenge before…or anything like it. I’ve only ever seen a 1,000 damage with a certain type, put 10 evolution cards into play, or get 16 knockouts. And occasionally a special challenge will come up that says get 40 knockouts or something. Not that I would pick that challenge…it was only worth 25 coins.

Poke' Apocalypse says:

This deck looks fun, always is awesome seeing you 2 having an absolute ball with these, great stuff man. (:

Chuy Acuna says:

Please try to get 2 Nest Balls over the kukuis or something else.

Jonathon Tritto says:

Empoleon zoark would be better

Sulfur Carbide says:

Counter Energy is really good in this deck!

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