Empoleon vs Random Decks – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays the new Empoleon from Ultra Prism vs Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX and Zoroark GX / Lycanroc GX on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.

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Cristian Juarez says:

First game, you were almost beaten by your own creation

Cody The Dragon Samurai. says:




challenge4 impact says:


Jamesta James says:

Every time I play Empoleon, they never bench anything, so they don’t power up Empoleon. Which it turns out- they end up losing because they can’t follow through with their strategy. Kind of an OP card.

Dead Memes says:

my list has no lele and i keep going against garchomp…..

Jakub Paxa says:

Hello dude

TheChees z says:


Poke' Apocalypse says:

DID not expect to see this as a deck, but ALLLLLLLLLLL righty then! Gonna look into this one a little more deeper (:

Kevin Krueger says:

pretty sure these are still pretty bad matchups, opponents didn’t play around your damage appropriately…I haven’t played much empoleon, but I’ve been able to beat it by playing parallel city on myself in the midgame to re-establish control of the board. like, if your 1st opponent would have played it on himself, he would have limited your damage output by 20 more (due to effect of the “other side” of parallel) AND been in control of whether or not those benched pokemon get replaced. solid build though, and overall your game plan is solid despite the misplays 😀 let’s be honest, tho you’re gonna keep playing/placing with buzzwole at tourneys for the forseeable future, lol, thanks for the video!

JoseInwoo oñe says:

Can I be sponsor your channel? Like to pay some money per month? I really like your videos

cochiselol1232 says:

“Since it’s one of my decks I’m playing Octillery” hahaha fair enough

Emperor Wolffe says:

Could you try my empoleon deck please

cochiselol1232 says:

With these evolution decks it gets really hard fitting everything in the deck

Rodinka Landaci says:

Love your videos Andrew, I want to run zoroark/alolan muk on next expanded regíonals and I am learning the matchups from your videos..
Btw. Could you please try the empoleon in expanded?? It has more support. There is the empoleon with zoroark gx ability and sky field. Maybe more.
I would like to see how it performs

CommonCreators says:

You couldve used his second attack its only 90 but if you attacked the lycanroc with it and discarded his strong energy next turn you could knock him out even if he doesnt have a full bench and he might not have an energy or draw into one to attack you with

brett maurer says:

When will you do a some updated Dusk Mane deck videos?  Are you still running your initial deck setup from a couple weeks ago?

Hunter Thorne says:

i think a pal pad could work well???

QuietLMT says:

Add captivative pokepuff it allows you to look at your opponents hand and bench their pokemon

Alec Shaw says:

Why didn’t you abyssal turn 2?

Kilpan Games says:

Andrew are you going to the St. Louis regionals. I’m going and would love to see you there! It is going to be my first regionals so i’m happy with not getting day 2 😛

tdm17mn says:

Could you possibly make a luxray break deck using the new luxray, please? 🙂

Agustin Mendez says:

my list use 3/2 octillerys and counter energies also 1 fini for his gx
keep the bridgete and add pal pads , mid game you get so much draw you can cicle all the supporters

Stars Clash Gamer says:

Andrew where are the sleeve reviews

Jean Alexander says:

I use 2 brigette and 0 Tapu Lele GX :’D XD

P.S.: on minute 20:49 I think a better play would have been ultra ball for
octillery, rare candy your active piplup, abyssal hand and then you can
decide if play the N or not XD

yela hero says:

A double colorless plus piplups energy will only do 60 so it won’t ko it bcus it has 70hp lol

badcrow says:

Nice budget list.

Supreme player says:


shanes S4 says:

Love this budget deck, even if its easy for the opponent to control de damage output you can surprise him with random techs, I like the idea of Kukui nice vid!

Jigglypoop97 says:

You sound drunk lol

BananaInfinity says:

Thanks for testing this, I wasn’t too sure about this deck

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