ENERGY, PLEASE! | Pokémon Trading Card Game #9 | ProJared Plays

This is the Pokémon Trading Card Game! Not the actual card game, but the Game Boy Color game! It’s the TCG from back when it was still actually good. I’ve never played this before, but I’ve heard good things and I want to give it a shot.

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Solstng says:

Play more Sim City

Andrew Bowman says:

I love that his PsyShock deck accidentally became a stalling deck for his powerful Pokémon.

Testekill says:

You can get more energy from beating up the tutorial guy

supertombrother says:

To get more energy cards; duel Dr. Mason’s assistants. They will give you booster packs with nothing but energy cards. You can also get free energy cards from the aide right next to Dr. Mason. You just need to have ALL your energy cards inserted into decks when you talk to him. Otherwise he”ll spout something about the grand masters.

Grawderu says:

Pikachu’s attack would have been good to damage the bench while Cubone cried about it.

ValiantCJ92 says:

I nostalgia hard when I see this series… Always looking forward to new episodes♪

seventhfonist425 says:

I am ABSOLUTELY hyped for this series, really hoping to see this end. I think this game has a sequel? I haven’t bothered to look up if there was an english translation though, it was only released in japanese iirc.

Jon Boy says:


ChaosChanneler says:

5:40 Pause, Lewd Jared is Lewd 😀

geofreyshank says:

My god. What a nail biter.

JPcorvette78 says:

7:37 I once had a match in this game last 1 1/2 turns.

otaku_moogle says:

Hey Jared, are you gonna play the sequel to this game someday? It only came out in Japan but there is a translation if you use emulation. Loving this series! Thank you!

Infinity Master says:

Once again, one decisive coin flip halfway through saves Jared and turns the tables.
You really do have Joey Wheeler’s luck, dontcha? lol

Enderspider15 says:

Does Jared have a different version of this game? In my copy all the card symbols are colored. Like basic Pokémon cards are green, and the energy cards have their respective colors.

Blizzard Wolf says:

Jared, there is a deck machine in doctor Mason’s building where you can make an Insect deck, you already have the grass medal so you can make it, though you need the cards needed to make it, so go look and see what cards you need to make it, so I hope this has brightened you up and given you a good reason to make a new insect deck

Mordaedil says:

Gosh, I could feel that energy.

OneLeg Hendo says:

Gambler shuffles cards into your deck before you draw.

Bad Idols says:

16:25 “hello..sir” hahahaha

ILLG & TCLP too says:


dsproductions19 says:

“You have a FIRE deck! What is happening?!”
Gen 1. Gen 1 is happening.
(By that, I mean that options at the time were fairly limited, and the devs needed each deck to be at least a little different.)

Kaleb MacDonald says:

he dib it!

Zanji1234 says:

aaaww when the npc said “isn’t it good to have frends” the sad face you made…. i heard “Hello Darkness my old friend” in the back of my head xD

and you really should stock on draw trainer cards (Professor Oak and Bill) you REALLY need this 4x each 😀 as well as COmputersearch to get ANY card from your deck (why you said this card is not good is still beyond me) also that you point out engergy search (which is not that great) instead of the broken Gust of Wind 😀

Shawn Heatherly says:

Alright, so the deck has a Cubone shaped weakness.

MakotoXChihiroYaoiFangirl says:

The best way to get around the energy cards dude is before going in make sure all but one of your energy cards are in a deck, then you only give him a single energy card.

polanskyf says:

Golbat and Butterfree are OP

Baily Perez says:

I like the thumbnail!

Jeshua Cooper says:

Amazing, 10/10, please continue!

Renzeos says:

this is such a great series

Cody Ridley says:

I haven’t played this in years, but I remember the Trick with the Energy Seeking Guy already, without looking it up. Make 4 decks with ONR single Basic Pokemon and using all the energy cards you can add except for 1 energy cards outside of any decks on you. Then there won’t be much for him to take, plus, you can get energy back from the Mason Lab. If you are worried about taking apart decks for this, just remember you can save decklist at the Lab using the Deck Machine as well. Then when you’ve done the trick, just have the Machine reconstruct your deck. It’s actually much easier than all those instructions seem.

Professor Penne says:

I literally waited for the weekend and to have a few beers to watch this vid since I saw how long it is

you’re the fuckin man jared thanks for this o7

8-Bit Alchemy says:

This is the most hype thing on YouTube right now for me!!!

Bryan Croucher says:

Winner of this video… Miss Editor. 😀

YoKozo says:

That was intense! I feel like your Scyther Deck would’ve actually fared better since John hardly had Fire types. There was that Arcanine that never did anything. But man, I remember the coin flips being the real game changer when I played it, but your coin flip moments are life or death! Great job getting those Heads!

DrLilo says:

Watching a Let’s Play of emulating Pokemon TCG for the Game Boy, which is a vicariism of Playing emulated Pokemon TCG for the Game Boy, which is an emulation of Playing Pokemon TCG for the Game Boy, which is a simulation of Playing Pokemon Trading Card Game, which is a simulation of Playing Pokemon Red/Blue Version for the Game Boy, which is a simulation of Being a Pokemon Trainer.

Firion Salamand says:

ProJared: He has not played a single fire pokemon..
Me: To be fair, neither have you

Neox 9685 says:

I like that shirt and/or jacket!

razorthecurse says:

Do you think Jared knows that all coin flips are predetermined and that no matter what you hope for the final result has already been chose for you?

zylokun says:

Jared’s “I’m happpy” face is so derpy. I love this idiot. Jared i love you you idiot c:

Mixx says:

I spent the whole match mentally shouting, “PUT THE ENERGY ON RAICHU!”

AbduCola says:

He’s gonna finish the whole game without realizing the energy card duels he can do

Triclopsian says:

I love the series Jared. It actually inspired me to buy the game on the 3DS eshop. I had a great time playing through it and I’m excited to see how you overcome the challenges ahead!
I also started a new game in my silver version doing the bug master challenge. I’ll only be using big types to beat the game. Also inspired by you!

yugisr says:

I didn’t think I’d be saying this about this game but…. That was intense.

Showsni says:

Ah, I see Jared is leading with Gastly – smart move. That free retreat cost means he can back out and switch it with the Magnemite he just Pokéballed up without needing any extra energy.
Or I guess he can not realise Gastly has a free retreat cost and leave it out there to die… Can ghosts die?

FairySlash Le Sacre says:

Ooo~ Jared’s wearing fancy clohing

Danny Jackson says:


Selnathorn says:

I always wondered why except the club leader, almost none of the other duelers have a deck with fitting type themes

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