Espeon GX / Garbodor vs Greninja Break – Pokemon TCG Online Game Play

Andrew Mahone plays Espeon GX / Garbodor vs Greninja Break on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online in this Game Play video.

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ROME E O says:

Hey Andrew I’d love to send you all the codes I’ve bin saving for the past 2or3 years to help support your channel you can use them or sell them I don’t care it’s well over 1000 codes how can I get them to you ???

Strahinja Marjanovic says:

9:55 why did you paralel yourself?

AlexCoronaPhoto says:

Big misplay by your opponent, splash energy gets bypassed by Divide GX.

lenny duran says:

Where’s the natalie solo gameplay!?

Strider Stokes says:

New player here and I’m learning so much from these videos. Thank you!

ashiqur rahman says:

The Guchigang is back.

NG JING RUI student says:

Can you create a hit-for-weakness deck with Silvally GX and all its memories, along with the new eeveelutions? It will be great to see you do that!

Jaromir Bracki says:

It is glorious to see that Divide-GX bypasses the Splash Energy.

Kelvin Corp says:

Greninja is terrible to play against. I call it more hunt for the froakie

Riley Hulbert says:

A meager little Espeon can never compare to the major stopping power of BUZZWOLE and his giganto pectorals!! Broken deck!!!

Richie Rich says:

#Mahomies #Shampeeps

thigmotrope says:

you have a good deck

seriously though – thank you (and to natalie) for all the wonderful content. always so glad when a see a new dcp vid.

Micah Hayden says:

Why does this deck brick so bad

Matt Gregg says:

I have a question about Yveltal GX. Do you guys think it could be an effective counter to Buzzwole, if you are only utilizing its first attack. Because I’ve been thinking about how it only costs one dark energy, is weak to lightning and has the capacity to heal the same of damage it inflicts which makes me think it might actually be good against fighting. Or at the very least having some stalling capacity.

Lisa shawn Mannuzza says:


Prljavi Hari says:


cochiselol1232 says:

The last turn was so under whelming lmao

Alexander Nash says:

What about Mikey’s volg at Charlotte reigonals

AlexCoronaPhoto says:

Espeon/Garb is actually a bad matchup for greninja. I play both decks and it’s the #1 deck I don’t like playing when using greninja. Garbotoxin is horrible when you run out of field blowers.

Marquise Ross says:

This is my most practiced deck, ill allways swear by espeon garb. THX

the Pokemon card Channel Pokemon says:

4 haahhaah

yo mama says:

100% Nat & Andy are fucking

Sricharanreddy kaliki says:

isnt here anything better to play with garb other then espeon

Colin Peterik says:

Please give your poor co-host a microphone 😉

AttackAttract says:

I always use lose with Espeon vs. Greninja Break.

iTaZe says:

awesome video I just woke up and missed first two times in a row but great on Mahone also I need a tip what type of decks will be good enough to beat a fire and electric type deck

Best0fbart 15 says:

Hey i have a rainbow tauros on ptcgo too! #madbullbuds

Bill Cass says:

Take me down to the Parallel City/
Where the grass is weak/
and the bench is skinny/
(At least that’s how I do it…)

Luke Harrison says:


jeff m says:

My playmat came it looks amazing in real life. Definitely the nicest mat I own.

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