Even more Team Up Booster Pack Opening! AND BOX GIVEAWAY! Pokemon TCG

1,000 Team Up Booster Pack Opening! Pokemon TCG

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Derium's Pokemon says:

Orders Opened this video:

Edi The Cat says:

Pls give me eevee and snorlax GX and Espeon GX plssssss (nice video)

Darkness205 AJ says:

Love your vidoesss

Alfie Mcaree says:


Oscar Ward says:

I loooooooove gengar and mimikyu

The Box Breakers says:

Awesome video, thanks for the support………we opened a bunch of pokemon prerelease Tag Team GX cards over on our channel.

mlg sebo 701 123 says:

Bro its a cards pokemon team up sun and moon

Jeremy Piper says:

Make a tshirt of to dum dum’s with a cam cam

FireKid 9000 says:

Im so sorry I could not make it this stream

Mary Stewart says:


Barry Darnell says:

How Can
you see which order numbers where opened?

Ben Keys says:

Ok I know this may sound strange but I’ve only ever opened like 4 packs of pokemon cards prior to working at my current job well I decided I wanted to start opening them and I buy 1 every week this week I bought another lost thunder because I’ve been doing ok with them and guess what i got… if you guessed a genesect gx full art secret rare you’re right and i just wanted to tell someone who cares

golden master says:

Derium love youre vids man i always watch it

jack andrew says:

They have opened tons of boxes and have yet to pull secret rare Brooklet Hill wowwww

humza ali says:

The mma is Brock lesnar

Brandon Plater says:

Third love it

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