FIGHT ME – Fighting Medal! | Pokémon Trading Card Game #20 | ProJared Plays

This is the Pokémon Trading Card Game! Not the actual card game, but the Game Boy Color game! It’s the TCG from back when it was still actually good. I’ve never played this before, but I’ve heard good things and I want to give it a shot.

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Neorecon19 says:

I really think you should replace Gambler with Professor Oak. Sure Gambler puts your hand back into the deck, but guaranteeing 7 cards I feel like would be more beneficial to you than RNG deciding you only need 1 card.

Yntec says:

This let’s play is making my life longer. Like, I peek in, see that only new Smash Ultimate and Resident Evil videos are up and am like “WHAT? WHERE’S MY TCG VIDEO?? IT’S BEEN 4 DAYS AREADY!”, and then I check… “oh, it’s been only 2 days? Time slows down when you’re… addicted…”

SquishTheFish says:

Jeez and I thought Accidental Slowbro was bad

Riley Kirchner says:

Hey Jared if Diath was a pokemon trainer what would his team be?

Yomi says:

That was the most Farfetch’d win i’ve ever seen

SolarFlair says:

I think it’s a crying shame to skip over Seadra. Agility is a great move in this game. I’ve been playing through the sequel and my main deck has been a fire and water deck using Seadra and Rapidash with Agility as the primary cards.

The advantage they have is that the damage is consistent if not impressive, meanwhile a positive coin flip prevents all damage to your Pokemon. Doesn’t matter if the opponent switches or is super effective or anything. Most Pokemon get left doing nothing VS a successful Agility.

Showsni says:

I can’t really see any reason to ever not run Four Energy Search, even in a mono-Water deck – it thins your deck out, pretty much letting you run a 56 card deck. (I guess Lass might be a reason not to, but I don’t think you need to play around that). Of course, if you want a good Rain Dance deck, you’re going to want 4 Squirtle, 4 Blastoise, 4 Pokémon Breeder, 4 Bill and 4 Professor Oak… But it should be fairly easy to make a deck that can consistently get a fully powered Blastoise by turn two and start smacking for 60 a turn if you grind boosters to get them. 🙂

Sombres says:

Having played this as a child and having leaner how to build decks better, I want to one day go back to these games and wreck some shit

ReiDuran says:

Ow, that ending.

weird bizarre world says:

how do you record

Mitch The Ninja says:

Hm. Last time I checked I wasn’t the leader of the fighting club…

CrazyMautty says:

This series got me back into the physical/online TCG. My wallet is crying, help…

Also started paying the gameboy game on my N2DS. The nostalgia is real.

Daniel Stalwart says:

if this was an anime. I could just imagine farfetch destroying everything by throwing pots to them XD

killertrip10 says:

20 damage, *if the defending pokemon has any energy cards attached to them, choose 1 of them and discard it*

“That is a weak ass hyper beam”

TheZenZer0 says:

Honestly you deserve an easy win after the nonsense of the last episode

Torch says:

*Summarize this entire series with a single word!*


Caleb E. says:

I feel that Jessica should really be the leader of the fighting gym.

AbduCola says:

The Elite Four battle is so obnoxious. I started playing this recently because of this series. I burned through and now I cant force myself to get through the end. It’s mostly because of how time consuming it is. 5 long, tedious matches that have to be won in a row. No fucking thanks

Infinity Master says:

I guess you can say that… Jared easily wrecking the Fighting gym leader was a pretty… *Farfetch’d* idea…

Darkrynblade says:

*Superbowl Half-time show starts*
*turns on projared video instead*

Megame 55 says:

Not related to the video directly, but if I’m completely scrolled up the screen goes black and I can’t see anything, but I hear it. If I scroll down even a little bit then it’s completely fine. So basically I just miss the top row of pixels of the video, but does anyone know why that started happening?

Alex Benson says:

Dragonaire is better than Dragonite. Got that move that removes your opponent’s attached energy card and does some damage. Knock them out without even letting them attack.

J Robs says:

I applaud Jared’s commitment to the enthusiastic “See ya next time!” even in the face of what happened at the end there.

Garrin says:

keep up the good fight

William McGinnis says:

So what good is Leek Slap? It only does 30, and has no positive effects, only a downside.

Andrew Oliver says:

Farfetch’d is to me what Caterpie is to Jared.

I use him as my primary pokemon in every pokemon game I play.

In lets go i traded for him as soon as I could trade.

I have a shiny one ready for gen 8

Luis says:

hey Jared do you think Ronald is going to get the LEGENDARY POKéMON CARDS!? 19:39

slavkei says:

Jared, Energy Search is still good in a monotype deck. in fact, it’s amazing in it. You see, Energy Search lets you have a 56 card deck, since they are effectively just an energy card… so drawing one then immediately using it to get a water, is no different than drawing a water… except that now your remaining deck has one less card than it would. So, a legal 56 card deck!

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