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This is the Pokémon Trading Card Game! Not the actual card game, but the Game Boy Color game! It’s the TCG from back when it was still actually good. I’ve never played this before, but I’ve heard good things and I want to give it a shot.

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Werdna 2McCue4U says:

Through the power of his dubbing voice, Jared pretty much just shoved an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh into the finale of Pokemon TCG. Bravo, Jared.

19TheErv says:

Did I just watch an anime? the fuck?

Piano Elf says:

I’m curious to see you play the Baten Kaitos games – the battle system features card decks.

Booshank says:

Please can somone animate this

Carmine Knight says:

I was giggling that whole final duel, along with being on the edge of my seat — I’m glad we got to have such a satisfying finale.

Rasmusraaby says:

I thoroughly enjoyed this series Jared, which I also did with the Magic Shandalar run. The strats you use, is what makes me come back to these videos time and time again. As a fan, who have never played the actual card games in real life, it is nice to see, that there are so many options, so much luck involved in playing these games. But, your content is always great Jared, and I’m glad Ms. Editor is in on it too. I look forward to the next card game endeavour!

dsproductions19 says:

9:58 I know this was a low moment for Jared this episode, but how did that noise *not* get some response from Ms. Editor?

Jordan Jennings says:

Fantastic ending to a fantastic LP. Heck I bought the game off the virtual console because of this LP. So much fun. Some of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Handheld games are pretty good. The console ones…eh not so much

The Squid Pro Gamers says:

Great job Jared hope we get to more from everything you do man awsome gameplay

dsproductions19 says:

24:27 – 46:08 is probably among the best endings to a series like this possible. Not only was the commentary amazing, but the duel was also a perfect fit for it. It was about 22 minutes, almost as long as a Yu-Gi-Oh episode, and full of back-and-forth changes in the momentum (but Jared still had control for the majority of the game).
It was almost a perfect parody of Yugi vs Weevil/Kaiba. That alone made this among my favorite series on this channel (maybe even YouTube).

bricksandhammers says:

I loved this!! I love all your card game games, but I’ve been playing a lot of ptcgo, I know that it’s bothersome that the game has changed so much, but I’d love to see you play some matches there =D

Art says:

Loved this episode, really nailed that Yu-Gi-Oh feel lol

xakumahaix says:

I am so glad you committed to that yugioh bit. That was truly fantastic!

kenneth walsh says:

Play the digimon ps1 card game! It’s got story and is so good.

Raiden Guy & Kikyo says:

Can’t wait to see the 2nd pokemon card game

Erik Chupela says:

I love the smell of freshly cracked packs

TheRareOne says:

Jared having fun, the episode

Daniel O'Connell says:

Listening to you say damn, you sounded a lot like Boomstick from Deathbattle. Do you know the Screw Attack guys? Can we get you a guest spot as Boomstick’s brother or cousin?

metaknight1285 says:

Loved this playthrough, please play more card video games. 🙂

TheFanboyCritic says:

Absolutely amazing!!! Another one of your series down! I love your channel looking forward to Pokemon TCG 2!

Musiclover90 says:

The Yu-Gi-Oh voices got me! I enjoyed this episode even more because of it!

Daniel O'Connell says:

Yugioh with cursing would be an awesome show.

Daniel O'Connell says:

When are you going to become a voice actor?

ThePortjumper says:

on to the next tcg adventure!!!

Overlord says:

He was SO committed to the bit, it was magical

Nin Jason says:


dsproductions19 says:

In terms of other games of this style (RPG-ish games centered around a TCG), there are at least a few YuGiOh games like this (with the card collecting, story progression, etc). The 3 I’ve played are YuDiOh Duel Academy on the GBA, Forbidden Memories on the PS1, and Duelist of the Roses on the PS2 (although the last ones *really* different, but still fun). I’m also sure there are plenty others, too.
If you want to play more Pokemon, you could always play the online game a bit, and ask viewers for unused pack codes, since there are plenty of people who play the physical game, but not the digital one. Or, you could try MTG Arena, if you want to play Magic again. Just a few suggestions.

Andrew Fallows says:

More card games! Any card games! Digital, physical, whatever. Slay the Spire? Eternal? Faeria? All of it!

Daniel Jones says:

The Yugi style final duel was awesome. But yeah, More card RPG’s I’d be up for. Yu-hi-oh! did a lot of gamboy/GBA/DS games which had fun stories. Especially the 5D’s era. But yeah, hype for Pokemon Card Game 2!

Garrin says:

Just awesome. Watched beginning to end. Can’t wait for whenever you do trading card game #2

Louis Reeve says:

I’d like to see you play Lost Kingdoms 2, an RPG card game for the gamecube!!

Benjamin Allen says:

Since you asked for more card games I used to play Yu Gi Oh Forbidden Memories and the Digimon Card Game both for ps1 and I’d be interested in watching you play them. The digimon one might suck. Haven’t played in ages and never got very far but ill still watch if you decide to try it.

Hiushisan says:

That Performance was Legendary.

Christobel 241 says:

I am really loving the whole Yu-Gi-Oh vibe to this epic duel to PTCG

Chueko Loyo says:

Id love to see you play magic arena, at least a couple of casual matcehs with two or three decks or drafted events.

Silly Goose says:

The best duel of the century.

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