FIRE for MANLY MEN | Pokémon Trading Card Game #21 | ProJared Plays

This is the Pokémon Trading Card Game! Not the actual card game, but the Game Boy Color game! It’s the TCG from back when it was still actually good. I’ve never played this before, but I’ve heard good things and I want to give it a shot.

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Unyu Duet says:

Now that he mentioned it, ProJared playing Sacred Cards or Reshef of Destruction for the GBA would be amazing.

SolarFlair says:

That first battle was painful. Always be aware of what energy cost your Pokemon require.. and take advantage of status moves if you need to build up others. Squirtle was the perfect choice. Even if Krabby, shoulda put some energy on it to deal 20-40 damage to that Tauros.

ScumBag_ Poon says:

I like this

T4silly says:

Probably safe to assume he never went back for the Mewtwo…

Hal Ryder says:

Why’d you add Starmie to the deck? The Starmie card is just… bad. I almost prefer just using Staryus.

Kaizo Audio says:

He had Krabby call for his family JUST to watch him die… that’s fucked up, bro.

alphapolimeris says:

What does Bill do ?

Rodrigo Varela says:

Yay! Miss Editor is also on Team Water starters!! I somehow get the feeling that EVERYONE takes the fire ones and we waters are in a minority :/
(I hate pokemon pvp so having the type advantage brings me no joy)

William Clark says:

So the Flame Club only consists of men who want to spend time with other men, playing a children’s card game with far too much gusto?

As a Gaymer, I believe I am qualified to say that we have found the male equivalent to Erika’s Rainbow Badge Gym.

Michael Griffin says:

Our champ in the making is finally in the final stages! ADAM has finally been defeated, leaving only one remaining FIRE trainer before the Club Leader! Just how will our turbulent trainer extinguish his foe’s flame? Let’s find out, in the next episode!

ReiDuran says:

I LOVE how hype you get for this game! It’s so infectious.

Caesar Nero says:

So question does the grass club also kiss a little? Just asking.

Brandon Crosby says:

one more club to go

timmer919hep says:

You shouldn’t have mentioned the DBZ Card Game…now you HAVE to play it for us. It’s the rules.

mutalord says:

I know about that Dragon Ball game you mentioned at the start, Frankomatic played years ago

Shawn Heatherly says:

Jared with the fiercest Pokemon fanfics today.

Zorgdub says:

“If the other guys lose to you after how you schooled me, I’ll look like a fool. Here, have these cards to improve your fire-busting deck.”

Captain Caterpie says:

hey jared, you should try the yu-gi-oh reverse of arcadia games. they are based on the yu-gi-oh 5ds era but are not too far gone as everything is archetype based, instead most stuff is themed. i like to play it as an anime protagonist (as the main character is a brand new character) and open packs once i can to build a completely new deck then each time i defeat 5 trainers i can open another pack, and forcing my deck to only have 1 of each card for funsies, but allow finding cards in the wild as cards i can have. basically just a challenge that i like to do but always fun and something i think you will find fun c:

John Walsh-Wadlegger says:

Got a Ratata from that laat pack, you were looking for those right?

S.E.111Films says:

Yeah, you never used Blastoise because Lagiacrus died.

dumeoch says:

Play Monster Rancher Battle Card 2 next!

Garrin says:

Honestly, this is awesome, but I like and comment for your metrics.

Miles Joyner says:

Jared, I really hope there isn’t a freakishly long period of time before PTCG2 is played. I’m having SOO much fun watching those! Thanks for your videos!

YoKozo says:

TIL I was actually subscribed to Ms. Editor Reacts to Jared’s LPs.

Wesly Z says:

Jared! Yu Gi Oh; Duelist of the Roses. It is unlike any card game you’ve played.

animefan3794 says:

Oshawott and Rowlett are pretty much the only times I didn’t pick fire type

GaiaX5 says:

Sploosh or Splooge?

Bristlefurr says:

I love Cindaquil <3

Camkitsune says:

Funnily enough,. the attack in question could ‘Call For Family’ in the current format – the connection was loosened to ‘Any basic Pokemon’.
The fact that this works on GX cards (including the 300 hitpoint monstrosities from the latest set) is… Questionable…

The Squid Pro Gamers says:

Jared you forgot about the only rival to beat you 3 times XD

Shaun Crandall says:

Liked just for Ms. Editor’s Cowbell reference.

Izzy Alexanderish says:

The preview thumbnail shows you with no medals.

pendragnx says:

“I have two pysducks.. This is the worst day…”

cursedex says:

Jared has finally defeated his archnemesis, the Flamethrower Deck. A shame, though, since his reactions to Flamethrower being used were hilarious.

Caleb Evans says:

You should play BitPath next!

fireassassin123 says:

I generally go with a variety of different starters
Bulbasaur is my grass boi
Totodile is really cool
Torchic was fun to use
Turtwig was an Earthquaking monster
Oshawott is freaking awesome
Froakie is like the best starter ever
Litten wrestled his way into my heart

Odorokasu says:

The Arcanine card….. the reason I stopped dueling my sister when we were kids.
But love this game. I still have my original GBC cartridge with a shameless amount of hours put into it and max amount of most of the cards, but also got the one from the eshop on my 3DS. Been fun starting from scratch and getting back into the game.

playing_some_stuff says:

Still loving this, great job man.

MagamisZon says:

Hey Projared. How would i get the pokemon tcg 2?

gurvmlk says:

I like the DBZ TCG. Had a pretty solid Orange Tokui Waza deck back in the day, with Main Personality Tien. Focused heavily on Drills to buff up the damage of my attacks, and a fair number of Tien Named Cards that worked fairly well with its overall strategy. Weirdly though, despite being an Orange deck, it focused more on physical than energy attacks.

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