First Place Regionals – Sylveon GX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Hampus Eriksson’s First Place Sylveon GX deck from the Frankfurt Regional Championships. Watch as Andrew tries to pilot this deck for the first time!

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Hungry Kabigon says:

9 Mulligans?!

Dave-O da 3rd says:

Morning Andrew

TheGrumpyGoku says:

With N gone this deck got soooo much better

DvaMainBTW says:

SYLVEON, WrEcK EveRyOne!1!1!1!1!1!1!1

Brandon Mac says:

Why not plea GX some of the benched malamar ?

Kenealeon says:

I’ve always wanted to make my parents proud. To do this I’m gonna try become a successful youtuber. I’m gonna put everything into this. Wish me luck

Gorshly's channel for watching stuff says:

I was just making this deck in PTCGO but I am missing 2 sylveon, what is the matchup like against itself

xCorvin666x says:

Opponent should’ve set up double invasion.

Tim Melton says:

I wonder if we’ll start seeing Malamar decks running multiple Dawn Wings Necrozma-GX to counteract stall – if you set up a board of 2 Dawn Wings and at least 2 Malamar (which doesn’t seem too difficult to establish consistently), what can the stall player even do to stop that?

Mitchell Anderson says:

WWwwwhatsupeverybody andrewmahoneherewithtrickygym

Tanish Sachdeva says:

I love this deck mahone

Perfectspare 300 says:

0:54 NINE mulligans?! Jesus Christmas…
3:37 well played, Andrew

Jamesta James says:

Mill decks are why I don’t play competitively.

SSJ Nalgas says:

I would prefer if you would refrain from playing stall decks until you become more comfortable with them. Video is great, but you need to know what to search for with magical ribbon.

Mitchell Ellis says:

This deck is not good any real nec/ultra deck plays alter of the moon Nd could of easily ko

Riley Hulbert says:

Make sure you wash your hands after playing this

Connor's Pink Pokemon says:

What’s up??!!

Conner Fulcher says:

The stall decks popping up in EU r super scary for my buzzgarb deck, I’ve been testing a resource management oranguru as a response tho

William Franklyn says:

Audio wasn’t too bad! Good work on the big brain deck

AndreNGropo says:

The key point to this deck is knowing when to stall and when to attack. It’s a very hard deck to play and I’m glad is seeing competitive play now

TheSuperqami says:

I saw this video, wanted to build a Sylveon deck myself, but only had one. Bought a Guardians Rising pack, got a trade locked rainbow rare Sylveon-GX. Still need 2 more for a play set.

bobscatuk says:

Autoloss to new Solgaleo GX (If they get set up)

Alice VR says:

Been playing Sylveon since Guardians Rising came out, definitely one of my favorite decks!

vitaltoast ! says:

yall better listen up because this deck is a GOD.

Aussie trash says:

Y e s

xiiDeMiiGoDzZiix says:

I would really appreciate a 30 second view of the deck before you get into games. I love your videos, and I think it would help to see a glimpse of the decklist before the games started so we can all understand why you are making certain plays

TheGrumpyGoku says:

Been playing thia deck when it first dropped its really good but super slow

gravesaw says:

Yikes these Sylveon decks

Vincente Cabrera says:

Why are you not attacking?

Bigget Mofo says:

I feel you tried to play with too much of the stall mindset. Sometimes with this deck you have to get aggressive to get your opponent to make bad plays.

Xander Homeschool says:

you shod have hi this is Mahone’s brain

Jasper Jacobs says:

so confused when was this it is not a reginal on pokemon website like phile reginals? :0

Joe Allen says:

I loved playing sylveon when this first came out and i feel this deck is even better. Thanks for the video Mahone! You rock!

Andeket Seven says:

Oh andrew that hilarious body buiding dumbells misplay that was so funny

NOAVIER the Gamer says:

Can you please play a meme deck of some sort Andrew?

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