Forbidden Light Pokemon Booster Box Opening – Best Box So Far?

Andrew Mahone opens his first Pokemon Booster Box of Forbidden Light! What secret rare Pokemon cards will Andrew find in this brand new Pokemon Trading Card Game expansion? Which member of the Derium’s crew do you think had the best booster box so far?

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Joshua Trevino says:

Great Box Mahone, thx for da vid!

Wakasabi K says:

Please learn to pronounce Gible’s name you keep triggering me lol

Psycoholic2008 says:

I just want to be here when you pull one of the first FA Waifus.

Rex Rager says:

Guyble and Barberackle LUL

Slow HD says:


Wookie _18 says:

Hold up… Can you get Forbidden Light packs in Newfoundland Canada yet
EDIT: Pre-release of course :b

Stephen Kissoon says:

What happened to the daily box channel man ? :l

Shaariq Budhwani says:

I was wondering if you guys could help me with the custom artwork because i want to put it on a playmat. Of me and my favorite pokemon

Cards At The Quad says:

Opened up an whole Forbidden Light Booster Box on my channel also if anyone if interested in checking out the pull rates etc, and doing a giveaway with some of the code cards for those interested. Thanks <3

Keirnan Eadie says:

awesome box

nerf bros says:


Shaymin Victini says:

I really want that Yveltal GX. Not sure why, it’s just cool

ez Vlogging says:

can I have if you haven’t got rid of

Victini_ Mudkip says:

Tell Derium I have a max Level Gyarados in Pokémon Duel.

Helping Heracross says:


Exxessive Battler Victor// Blue Wave Marshal Valeos says:

Are there only 3 prism cards in this set?

TheEarlOfAfrica says:

Those are some pretty sick pulls! Can’t wait for Forbidden Light. 😀

PokémonBro says:

Totally agree I hate the art except zygard a d I got hate

shawie watkins says:

Can I have some basic cards

Ellie And Jacob says:

I don’t think this is your best booster box so far I have seen you get better pulls before

JackEffenBauer says:

Wish it was the retreat gible that was fighting.

randomhumorbros says:

can you please do a deck review for dusk mane and ultra necrozma deck? pppppplllllllzzzz

Pyre Dynasty says:

All these fighting types. I get the feeling they are trying to kill my troll Guzzlord deck.

NDogg15 says:

When you were talking about Crasher Wake, you forgot about Aqua Patch. It’s a really good card in water decks because of that.

NYC Rock says:

way too long

Meme Tube says:

Eh the pack arts are just abstract. That’s all. Descent though. Cool

ez Vlogging says:

can I have it if you haven’t got rid of it yet

Poke -Tally PLUS says:

I think Crasher Wake will be good in water decks that play aqua patch. A good example is you can play crasher wake, discard two water energies, grab choice band and guzma, then double aqua patch to your 1 energy lapras for 190 damage. Not bad. I am sure you can use it quite a few different ways but grabbing guzma or items will probably be ideal. You can even discard 2 waters and grab 2 aqua patches to speed your water pokemon.
Andrew you or Natalie should try a deck with it.

Preston Cawood says:

Please go faster

The Amazin Taco! says:

Once forbidden light is officially out, you should make a video about opening 1000 packs

Escence8931 says:

What happen with Daily Pokémon Box openings??

Erick Williams says:

i actually have opened a booster box and pulled two of the same secret rare.

DuncyDragon says:

Well I just got 4 hits from a Ultra Prism Blister

StrikeNinja 711 says:

I love how popular youtubers get ahold of things b4 they are officially released

AlexCoronaPhoto says:

Magnazone is getting rotated thats why they reprinted it as lighting.

TimTim says:

Beast Ring <3
so awesome!

Poke' Apocalypse says:

These boxes seem pretty nice!! Not Crimson pulls ratio!! YAY xD

Blinkehyo says:

Anyone go to a prerelease and everyone there but you gets something good but you?

Patrick Hand says:

I think eneporter has some potential. If you’re playing one of the many decks that relies on special energy you can move the onto your opponents active Pokémon that you’re about to knock out.

Mike Nguyen says:

Where is bitcoin Jeff

Nerv0us says:

everytime i watch these videos i go and waste all my money on cards and i NEVER get the luck ya’ll do -.-

Pokeman 97 says:

This set is like crimson invasion all over again

Pokemon Fan 2.0 says:

How much is the sr beast ring worth I know the reverse one is £5.75

Tote Life says:

Love the channel guys, I hope to visit the store soon since im just over here in Columbus!

Question: Have you guys considered recording your uploads in 4k resolution? It would make the viewing experience so much nicer to be able to make out all the cards art work and read them very easily(even though you read most of them for us).

Big fan,
Tote Life

PTCGAndy says:

this set is very disappointing so far

Angry_Pineapple says:

Your channel made me just spend 42 bucks on Pokémon cards LOL

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