Forbidden Light Prerelease Pokemon TCG Vlog at Full Grip Games!

Andrew Mahone attends a Forbidden Light Pokemon Trading Card Game Prerelease at Full Grip Games in Akron, Ohio! What kind of rare legendary Pokemon will Andrew open in this sealed deck building tournament?! Watch and find out!

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imk. Berger says:


The Dude says:

Keep up the good work!!! Your pre-release video are sweet!!!!

Santiago Atehortua says:

I’m so glad I moved to the Columbus area in OH, so many more places to do these events


I been 2nd to a prerelease

UnRealisticFezant says:

Hi, won my prerelease

Mystic 64 says:

I got a different evolution pack, no malamar, I got no Malamar

Patrick Tierney says:

Wow, literally as I approached the 19 minute mark I was wondering to myself if I could request you some vintage decks to build and sell on Etsy, especially Rain Dance

Jamesta James says:

The only pre releases around here is at GameStop, and that’s a day before the pack comes out. They want $30 for 4 packs? I told them yeahhhhhhh no.

Cold Charizard says:

I got the exact same kit

Jean Alexander says:

I won a pre-release yesterday 3-0 with a Vivillon, Pheromosa, Magnezone, Noivern deck XD
In 10 packs (4 pre-release kit 6 prize) only got a Xerneas GX :’D

Last week (sunday) I ended 3rd 2-1 and from 9 packs got Lucario GX Rainbow and Crasher Wake FA.
Today is the last pre-release. I’m not going because of the poor pull rates on the pre-release kits in my store 🙁

Anime Puffin Master says:

I’m going to my first prerelease today! Hope i pull something good

Evan Willem says:

My prerealese is going to happen in 3 hours wish me and my friends luck!!!

BananaTree Gaming says:

Going to my 2nd Pre-Release today, and I’m going to another one tomorrow. Hope to do good!

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Hey Mahone loved the video.

Penny Branch says:

Anyone else hyped on Champion’s Road coming out. I am.

okRoses says:

Yes! We got the busted bathroom again!!!

Ash - Ishaan says:

Busted vid!

Corey Grassmid says:

I got a rh buzzswole, a ra Greninja, Holo diantha, and fa dialga from 2 prereleases. Both my promos we’re malamar so I can’t complain. Went 1-2 then 2-1

Rajesh R Singh says:

Natalie is Beautiful <3

ConfuseRay005 says:


Brian Brubaker says:

I had a similar story to your last prerelease: did very well but the only pull was a full art palkia

Melanie Butterfly says:

Hi look so much fun love it

Kelly Weir says:

Busted deck!!! Lol 😉

xJund says:


Frederick Tan says:

Hey Andrew. I would like to see you using buzzwole/lycanroc up against Ultra Necrozma. Is it possible? Love your videos.

Spectre Ragu says:

Anyone else’s ptcgo account just sign them out and won’t take the password

Garrett Eadie says:

Going this weekend


Forbidden light

Elan Gorham Siegler says:

Awesome video Andrew

Hunter Thorne says:

natalie bathroom review should be a new series on the channel

John Gilomen says:

Dude you should do a “Mtv Cribs” style video of your collection at home. Especially all of the old decks you have built!

Spicy Vlogs says:

Could you make a buzz garb update?

wilfredvonkarma says:

Won my prerelease with a 3-0, playing a Xurkitree deck. I had an electric/psychic evo pack. Pulled nothing much out of my packs except a beast ring (which I never managed to even draw during my games) and another malamar. I remember going into the games worried because I had no big hitters in my deck.

Xurkitree, magnezone and Uxie were my MVPs, with Uxie shutting down opponent Vivillions, forcing them to retreat. Didn’t manage to play malamar at all because the 1 copy that I played was prized 2 out of 3 games (and I never took it out of my prizes). My deck was surprisingly consistent, and once I set up, my opponents all conceded before I managed to take my third prize.

I was given 5 booster packs (2 for participation and 3 for my wins)… but I still pulled nothing. The best pull I had was probably beast ring or Diantha. I’m happy though, that I got 2 metal frying pans for my Magnezone deck… and I really like that card, I think it’s really cool!


foribidden light is amazing, very good job

UComments says:

Just use Mallow as an Oracle proxy

Chase R says:

This is like 90% coming from my left headphone and it’s driving me crazy. Not sure if its something that can be fixed in editing for future reference or just how it was recorded but this is hard to watch. Edit: the first like 5 minutes is the part with the issue

redominus Ominus says:

You guys would make a cute ass couple

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