Garchomp / Lucario – Pokémon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew plays Athavan’s Garchomp / Lucario deck in this Pokémon Trading Card Game Online gameplay video.

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Red_Ninja_Red says:

I might enter but I wouldn’t be able to get the playmat. I wanna make a Squirtle (my fav pokemon) surfboarding. Or a Teenage Mutant Ninja squirtle skateboarding

Refillz * says:

To this day, I still say Super Nova should’ve won over Voltage. Both good, but super nova was the best! Lol

DapperDraBy says:

Love the contest idea, as i stated on twitter. I want to see your take on the electrode/swampert deck. i have heard rumors about it but cannot find a list.

Josh E says:

I have an idea! A magby and smoochum on a go kart!!!! Magby could look like a biker dude and smoochum can be wearing a leather jacket blowing an “icy” kiss 😉 that would be awesome!

イりアIZANAMI says:

Put Lance

Kalvin Foley says:

Needs Alolan Vulpix. Searchable with brooklet and is key to getting pieces during setup.

Pokélord says:

Why not run the new dmaj kommo-o as a tech instead. that way you’d feel better about running shrine of punishment and you don’t have to rely on the super boost for it to attack.

Omar Ruiz says:

Why not play diancie prismstar? Quickblade KOs small basics with it

TheHero 2550 says:

Need to personalize your wall. Make it homey my homie

Justin Pannell says:

Just finished my ladder daily rewards using only this deck. My daily challenge was get 12 knock outs with dragon pokemon, and I only got 9… Needless to say I believe there is a flaw in this deck.

SuperTustito says:

This deck is op it slams me anytime I play against it I might make one.

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Hey mahone I l love thus deck. Nice idea for the contest. I think you should make a e mail because there are some people who do not have a account on Twitter. BTW nice deck. Keep up the good work

someone whodoesstuffandthings says:

That’s a super cool idea for a contest. My friend and I are actually making one for our team, too.

Alex McCorkindale says:

I find the hardest part about playing against this deck to be picking your Guzma targets

Mt Ka says:

Love your vids Andrew!!! Keep up the great work!!!

TerribleArtist says:

A contest would be amazing!

Baljetfox says:

I don’t see the list in the description tho

Chipmunk says:


gammafighter says:

At 31:15 Andrew makes a big misplay by not getting Chipotle for dinner. Huge misplay

ShikairuNara says:

I helped a buddy build this deck we landed on a different build but I think it is just underwhelming in most matchups. I have yet to loose against it with psychic squids or zororoc, it did best my dusk mane once but after edits I made haven’t lost yet. Got to pilot the deck against my buddy’s vikabulu and vikaray but both of those just have the advantage as long as they set up. So, while I think this could be dangerous given the right support I think it just has bad matchups given the basic turbo(ish) builds that are highly competitive at the moment.

DoubleEdgeCat says:

what is tricky gym?

Hamish Buchanan says:

I’d love that contest!

Slotholopolis To you says:

I’ve been thinking about the decks revival. Nice vid

Float says:

“we don’t have an abilities in my deck” he says, as he puts a card into play that he just fetched with an ability.

Also @ 37:00 you dont need to cynthia for knockout. The line is definitely to aura for garchomp, RC the gible, attach fighting to it, lillie to 6. Your line wasted a cynthia and accomplished almost nothing with your auras.

I really don’t like this list overall, its built super greedily. Prizes or discarding stuff early just seem to cripple it.

Baljetfox says:

Every time I see people using this deck, they always forget to use lucario to get another lucario and then search for the card they want

Jermaine says:

You didn’t get a second lucario during the first game ;;

Joey Woolcox says:

Hey Andrew, you can use your first lucario to get a second lucario, and then use that lucario to get whatever you want! I noticed in the first game against the Malamar that you could have done this to help this and give yourself 2 pulls a turn instead of one. I know it was a hard setup being Let-Loosed, just a tip for the deck going forward!

ArtyFarts says:

I still like fighting garchomps better cuz of diance

golduck342 says:

Contest sounds cool, I can’t draw super well but I’d give it a shot

Ian Universe says:

Why hello Andrew, good morning.

N Maunten says:

Umm somehow your microphone qualitiy is really bad in camparison with the videos before. Just sayin

Doge Biscuit says:

Love the vids!! Ran lucario garchomp at a challenge and did lance for gx. Super fun!

Thanks for showcasing another fun deck haha

Josh Bangle says:

Damn, Otto being a genius using Kommo-o GX. .-.

Number Six says:

I guess a Garchomp in a wing suit would just be silly…

Ethan Ng says:


Breanna says:

The contest sounds amazing ^_^ would be pretty cool to do 🙂

Lilith Demon-Godess says:

Great ball over timer ball?

brandon corona says:

Love the vids. My 7yr old just started playing. Your channel helps me out sooooooo much teaching him and making decks for him . He’s really hoping to meet you in Denver or San Jose for regionals !!

ArtyFarts says:

If I were u I would play no lele and 2 shrine

Cybno says:

Kommo-o is really good with Lance and Super Boost in this deck, surprisingly consistent. Good luck to all at Cups and Memphis! 😀

TheHero 2550 says:

Here’s an idea for anyone with art skills. Quagsire white-water rafting or going over niagra falls. Would be dope and funny

許時榕 says:


NDogg15 says:

That spread deck would have been a lot easier to deal with if you had been using Lucario to attack.

Also, where was Future Mahone commentary when you said you had no abilities?

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