Gardevior GX / Swampert – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Gardevoir GX / Swampert on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online in this PTCGO gameplay video.

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Ben Mackay says:

My question is how does Andrew not have an unlocked account yet

Mahone's Tricky Gym says:

brand new decks gonna be shown off tomorrow!! stay tuned!

rollingbird3 says:


Tanish Sachdeva says:

Super excited about lost march mahone!!

Leonidastee says:


Jewfro says:


Sweaty Ghetsis says:

I can’t wait for people to 0-2 drop events because that “Gardevoir Swampert” decklist they saw on the internet didn’t work

Derrick F says:

Deck list?

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Nice one mahone. I think you should have areola the gardevoir and then ko the buzzwole and shouldn’t have benched the ralts. Then next turn you should have max potion. But it’s fine. Nice work.

ssz ssz says:

can build some greninja gx deck?

Luis Sarmiento says:

Where can I look at the recent big tournaments and the deck lists for em?

Mako-Chan says:

i want gardy to infinite force me to the wall

BSTAR17 says:


J Pannafino says:

In regards to Solgaleo GX, I hope people play more steel cards because I am trying to make a fire deck work … it’s slow going 🙂

Cameron Headrick says:

Anybody got a list for this build?

Jake Pilch says:


Number Six says:

[squints] Ari??

Bram Dutry says:

Hi Andrew, would you play this deck at a tournament? Looks pretty cool. Keep up the good work man. Peace.

Kaleb Seymour says:

I like to use alataria gx in gardy to block attacks from GX Pokemon. Works well in matchups like that.

DoubleEdgeCat says:

I like the concept of Gardevoir GX just like I like CES Sceptile, but both are extremely resource intensive and rely on two stage 3s, so…

Riley Hulbert says:


Maegan Faye says:

This is honestly a pretty good deck

Cyber Office Budu says:


Cyber Office Budu says:


Poketat says:

Nice video dude

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