Gardevoir GX / Swampert – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone tests out his new Gardevoir GX / Swampert deck on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. Think that Swampert has what it takes to make the cut in a top tier Gardevoir deck? Watch and find out!

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BlazingAura97 says:

I’ve been looking for something else to pair with Garde. I’ve built a Garde list that seems to be very underpowered in this next format, but I haven’t tested it out yet. If anyone has any suggestions as to what I can do to fix the list, that’d be great.

Pokemon – 19

4 Ralts BUS
2 Kirlia BUS
3 Gardevoir-GX BUS
2 Eevee SUM
2 Sylveon-GX GRI (Guardians Rising)
2 Tapu Lele-GX GRI
1 Oranguru SUM
1 Latios SHL (Shining Legends)
1 Sudowoodo GRI (for Zoroark, and yes I know I resist Zoroark, but with 4 benched and a Choice Band it’s a 3HKO on Garde)
1 Alolan Vulpix GRI

Trainers – 29

4 Cynthia ULP
3 Guzma BUS
1 Lillie SUM
2 Copycat CST
2 Diantha FOL (Forbidden Light)
1 Pokemon Fan Club FOL
1 Tate and Liza CST
4 Ultra Ball Fates Collide (reprinted in Sun and Moon)
4 Rare Candy SUM
1 Timer Ball SUM
1 Rescue Stretcher GRI
2 Field Blower GRI
3 Choice Band GRI

Energy – 12

8 Fairy
4 Double Colorless Energy

Notorious Red28 says:

Turbo primarina is gonna be decent

Chad Broadus says:

Can you make a drampa gx/ garb/ shrine of punishment deck

Anthony Martínez says:

NOOOOOOOOO!!! THAT WAS MY IDEA!! Now people are gonna try to counter that Mahone!!

mokongskie MM says:

cant afford ex cards sad

Brett Fett says:

*worried about starting Sylveon* starts Sylveon 3 games in a row
Possibly the reason super boost didn’t work (unless it’s an actual bug) is due to hydro pump on Swampert requiring colorless instead of water so it didn’t convert the 4 energy from super boost into water type due to that not being the attack cost? That would explain why it worked for Gardy because infinite force attack requires fairy energy thus why it converted the 4 energy from super boost to fairy type. It however wouldn’t explain why it hydro pump with super boost did 100 so somewhere it converted an energy to water type

Jeffrey Platt says:

And a trip to tcgplayer later. And I bought what I didn’t have for this list. My friend is gonna hate it. Since he plays Rayquaza.

rollingbird3 says:

thank you for putting your deck list in your video somewhere

Thiago Juzeph says:

Swampert can’t be good on expanded with Archie?

len javick says:

So…. I hear you like Mudkips

EJ Allen says:

probably cuz its 1 energy attachment and so it counts it as 1 water energy attatched

DoubleEdgeCat says:

So, is there a reason you wouldn’t want to run Magcargo with Alolan Sandslash from Guardians Rising instead? Is it because Alolan Sandslash doesn’t have damage output?

Jacob Dominic says:

what is this deck

Benjamin Nunya says:

I was thinking about playing stevens resolve instead of sylveon gx. What do you think about stevens resolve in this deck?

Oh No My Shed says:

Aye this was me on ptcgo, gg man i was so close too

CBear Gaming says:

Should try Exploud/koko/lele/shine spread deck. You get a good laugh out of it xD

Phillip Abeita says:

Apricorn maker first turn is pointless,
Just play fan club!!

Will Lee says:

You were wrong… to assume PTCGO hadn’t fixed that bug yet

America says:

only 2 standard decks i see anymore. well 3. is requaza gx, garchimp, and doodoolord gx.

Seth Negley says:

Damn this deck looks like so much fun to play. Wish I had people to play with

Blake Wicklein says:

You could have put down the double colorless and choice band, then used the ability for the fairy energy and knocked out the Lele, but I’ve never played at worlds like you.

LuckyNoko says:

In so mad superboost doesn’t work on seampert. I her if it online before this and I read the card and it made sense because how the card and the attack is worded

Matt Whitehorse says:

Give me the list for this deck

gardengrove011 says:

the venusaur from shining legends is bugged too it should be op with ray but it doesnt count the double grass energy towards the attack points

Mahone's Tricky Gym says:

I have confirmed with my friends that super boost IS bugged. So, that swampert should have been doing 160!

Rogelio Mora Guillén says:

43:00 Yep, it is Spanish

That One Guy says:

This honestly looks like a deck I would like to fully max rarity out and play. Especially because I’ve always wanted to play with secret Garde’s.

ArtyFarts says:

Do I play 3 or 4 gardys in a list?

Dracrek says:

I’m thinking swampert may be the overall new draw supporter for anything running rare candy already, I just put a 2/2 into Vikabulu with really good results

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