Gardevoir GX vs Golisopod GX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Gardevoir GX vs Golisopod GX in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video.

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Anonymous 123 says:

Nice video

Zaid Al Meleihi says:


Jake vs Nerf says:


Poke 2004 says:


AlexCoronaPhoto says:

“The Deck is Good”, immediately gets wrecked by a budget deck lol

Deanna Robles says:

And is that all ur pokemon behind u ur so awesome

Rodinka Landaci says:

Very nice video, I would expect this to be on the competitive channel, but this is Mahone and every video with Andrew is a jewell we must protect

cochiselol1232 says:

That timer was ridiculous!

Frosty Dragons says:


Derek Theiss says:

Derium’s Pokémon, I wrote you guys a fan letter

BananaInfinity says:

Hey Andrew, how do u get all ur cards on ptcgo? I’ve been trying to trade a lot and I’ve not managed to get any leles but i got a couple of buzzwoles. Could u make a guide or something? Thanjs

Supreme player says:

Good video

Nintendo Mitch says:

The hands you were drawing into Game 1 was stupid lmaooooo TCGO hands make no sense

MET 7 Games says:


Tokouy says:


Frosty Dragons says:

Can you do a 1000 card video of base set please.

ElectricVibez HD says:

Do you think you will replace Dan on the Deriums logo?

Poke' Apocalypse says:

Awesome game man!! I’ve gotten a lot of play outtta Gard GX as well, certainly a fun deck to play WHEN the cards are in your favor. NOT like the first game, I’ve had my fair share of those as well. (:



Antoni Mazurek says:


Megaman says:

Even if u have a good game, can you always fo 2 games so we can get a chance to see some different matchups in the same vid. U rock mahoneeee

SleepySnorlax 11 says:


Deanna Robles says:

U should give me pokemon and add me on Snapchat rtwins14 plz and thank u

Starwars Central says:

You are great

dad epic360 says:

Good game Andrew, you won at the end.

Poker Jedi says:

This is why I try to stay away from stage 2 decks!! I NEVER seem to get the cards in my favor!

Trey McMullan says:

please PLEASE think about energy reset in Gardy. I tried it and it worked amazingly.

dad epic360 says:

Hey Andrew, My Son and I went to a prerelease and it was great. I noticed that there are some nice playable item’s and supporter cards you can use at termenments. What do you think?

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