Gardevoir GX VS Solgaleo GX – Pokemon TCG Online Game Play

Andrew Mahone plays his Gardevoir GX deck vs Solgaleo GX on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.

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Kevin Krueger says:

I would have played that awkward gallade hand differently…attach DCE, retreat into gardy for 2 energy KO on rayquaza to mess up his energy acceleration

Supreme player says:

She is good

Pokémart says:

no decklist?

Joosiah joos says:


Syed Rhode says:

Great game

Richie Navarro says:

What about mr.mime for koko promo instead of max potion?

Darkraipacked says:

I made my first deck and I love the deck so much

Mr. Deadrider says:


CK says:

Close game, good stuff.

Matthew Lausev says:

Man, Solgaleo is a good counter against Gardevoir. I think it is because
1. Attack has exactly enough hit points to 1 hit KO Gardevoir even if Gardevoir has a weakness policy attached to it.
2.Discards all energy attached to it after using its attack making Gardevoir deal less damage to it. Besides, you can use Rayquaza to get those energies back.
3. Has a good ability that doesn’t even need you to retreat.

Joel Travis says:

I love the counter decks to Gardevoir. Because garde is ridiculously op.

TOP 5 FACTS says:


nerfherder1986 says:

Andrew, have you tried the Sylveon variant? It’s pretty fun, and works great against decks that don’t get a super-fast setup.

TheGame says:

I am Groot

Giggly Gabby says:


Nelson Armas says:

14:07 you missed premonition before ending your turn

7mikeyortiz7 says:

I’m addicted to your vids dude! I want more!!! haha. Keep it up

PGHEWrexham says:

More tcgo please!

The Honch says:

Solgaleo is actually such a good mon. have no idea why its so underused. LMK if you guys agree

pokeball madness says:

3rd like#

Scott Moyers says:

Your friend probably has the Millennium Puzzle, or whatever equivalent Pokemon has for it lmao

CODO_ Gaming says:


Paul Hammerson says:

When did Solgaleo become a thing?

Sembers says:

Andrew mahone? More like post mahone

Julio Alfonso Carrillo Rodríguez says:

You were preparing to lose and the guys concedes, that’s lucky.

Derium's Competitive Pokemon says:

I make a couple of misplays in this game, it was the end of a long day! Forgive me of my errors and see if you can find them! 🙂

Ahmed Alneyadi says:

I wuv ur videos keep up the good work

Angelic Team says:

Yes finaly a good fairy counter

NicKVenTs says:

Just got some sol gals in the mail that deck y’all showed just looked too fun not to use lol

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