Giratina / Malamar – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay


Andrew Mahone plays the NEW Giratina / Malamar deck on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online in this ptcgo gameplay video.

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VGJuice Box says:

please do mega gardy with giratina

james oconnor says:

31:48 you could have gotten
Girantina then ultra balled again
For the marshadow

Genuis Bear says:

can a make a sneasel deck using escape board?

davidiswhat says:

Cool build. Maybe consider Baby Nihilego to copy any of your opponent’s GX attack when they have 2 prizes or Drampa GX.

Patrick Otten says:

you also couldve put 3 damage counters on the natu and one on an other pokemon. then with distortion door kill the natu! then you also couldve killed the second jumpluff with the second spell tag

james oconnor says:

Mahone I made a deck
That used 4 girantina
Battle compressor and
Zekrom (reshiram works)
Then fighting fury belt so
You can use outrage for
180 and obviously you use
Malamar to charge the attack

Alex McCorkindale says:

I beat a lost match deck with Bulu/Vikavolt last night. I think they’re the funnest decks in format. Bulu/Vikavolt actually has a lot of tricks you can add in

Alex McCorkindale says:

Is the Patreon exclusive video always a gameplay video?

Garvis Davis69 says:

Hey Malone, I’ve been a viewer for awhile and I’m not much a player myself, but I do love seeing your games and tactics. Would you ever consider doing a video or a quick summary of how the deck you are using works? Like explaining how the two main cards work together or support each other? Just a quick thought, thanks anyways

Feral Streamer says:

At 44:20 if you put the spell tag on the marshadow that was available and then used your attack with girantina you could have won that turn. You won anyways but its another way to utilize spell tag. Great video!!! Please do a decklist on lugia gx if able

Elliott Smit says:


Alex Potts says:

Andrew, what do you think about Alolan Muk as a Malamar tech in Lost March? It stops Malamar players recycling their Giratinas and allows you to run them out of attackers.

Eric Scott says:

This could klunk things up or this could be another deck concept all together but what about hydregon with the weed out ability with garitina

Jan Hernandez says:

Oh wow! Here we go for the art contest 🙂

iBrettowski says:

I was sorta yelling at why you wouldn’t ultra ball away the Tina’s, but you did correct yourself lol

ArtyFarts says:

Try playing a baby physic lele and a koko in the deck. It will help you get bigger kos.

Alex McCorkindale says:

Could kill your own Marshadow to free up a bench spot to revive a Giratina. It would’ve won you the game a turn earlier at the end there

ReplayStation says:

Dried macaroni glued to a paper plate for the art contest, tbh… Snorlax in a motorized wheelchair.

DocMike 555 says:

Love the videos! Quick question: The first turn of first game, you benched a Giratina and then ultra balled away 2 malamar. Could you have ultra balled the Giratina, then got it out of discard and applied damage? Just not clear on the exact gameplay mechanics of Giratina.

Austin says:

In the game vs Bulu, you shouldn’t have attacked with Giratina, nor retreated and attacked with Marshadow. Should have just passed and let Shrine take the KO.

Nathaniel Jones says:

cough coughergrevious cough

A Google User says:

Tbh I think this list with 3 marshadows and just giratina is too weak power wise and quite inefficient. What are you really powering up here? The power of malamar lies in a fast power up once it sets up and is better with attackers that can do more damage than just 130 and also has a slight drawback. Spell tag makes up for it but is a reactive card that can be played around not to mention you also have 4 skateboards which makes spell tag even clunkier. I like the spread list that won Japan a little better.

GabriP says:

great video, Liked the list, But I actually prefere no acro bikes and a 2-2 zebstrika line

also, on 34:50 you didn’t need to attack, shrine would kill him with 10 damage

GabriP says:

Alsoo, why no signtseer?
she is such an amazing supporter, in decks like this she is so much metter than lillie

Jack Saunders says:

Yooooooo you have the same birthday as me!!

Austin Belsky says:

I’ve been messing around with a list of my own and getting some great results. I tried the Tokyo league list but it’s really teched out and can be very clunky at times. Mine is more like Gaskan with the trainer cards and has been setting up pretty buttery. I call it The Necromancer (or simply “Necromancer”.. maybe Necromancy would sound cooler though?)

ArtyFarts says:

Lost March was terrible for me. I have it away for a zeraora deck.

Vultrex says:

Why didn’t you do giratina cofagrigus?

keko says:

you coulda just let shrine kill the bulu at 34:40

SlapChopz AoS Champions says:

Woulda discarded the giratina with ultra ball instead of two malamars

Eric French says:

I like Cofrigigas with a bench full of ‘Tina. Ditch em all every turn!

Schwarz Rin says:

Congrats to Brandon for winning the Misty’s Determination!

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Art contest is amazing mahone. Thanks for the contest. Loved the gameplay. Awesome news and video.

PokeKid5000 says:

At around 7:00, doesn’t it make sense to discard the giratina and get it back right away? While getting dmg

Mahone's Tricky Gym says:

Check out the rules for the Art Contest I’m hosting!! Entries due by December, 14th 2018. Please share with all people you think would be interested!!

Nick Stone says:

Bidoof using performance enhancing drugs while being caught doing so by a Judge

ucsbrandon says:

Wow, I never win anything….super stoked!! Although the second my daughter see’s that card she’s going to want it. If we play for it, it may get ugly and beating a sex year old is the definition of a bittersweet win, so I’ll probably shoot for joint ownership. (she makes me play theme decks against her anyway, so hedging my bets here!) Thanks so much and glad to be a patron!

Cortez Pates says:

man I just beat lost March with genesect. but my new build is venasuar genesect nag beast with that

Food Boys says:

Can u show off ur discord some time

Cortez Pates says:

my favorite dragon

DocMike 555 says:

Love the videos! Quick question: The first turn of first game, you benched a Giratina and then ultra balled away 2 malamar. Could you have ultra balled the Giratina, then got it out of discard and applied damage? Just not clear on the exact gameplay mechanics of Giratina.

Jamesta James says:

So wait. What happens when your Giratina are prized? I’ve had games where I prize 3 of 4 things. This will definitely happen.

David Huyck says:

Make a tyranitar deck

Russell Culver says:

You need to ultra ball or mysterious treasure those Tina! Your missing free spread damage.

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