Glaceon GX / Greninja GX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Siddiqur Rahman’s 24th Place Glaceon GX / Greninja GX deck from the Harrogate Regional Championships 2018 in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online gameplay video.


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Deck List:
Pokemon – 21
4 Eevee SUM 101
2 Glaceon-GX UPR 39
1 Froakie FLI 22
1 Froakie FLI 21
3 Frogadier FLI 23
2 Greninja-GX FLI 24
2 Zorua SLG 52
2 Zoroark-GX SLG 53
1 Ditto Prism Star LOT 154
2 Tapu Lele-GX GRI 60
1 Oranguru UPR 114

Trainer – 29
3 Professor Elm’s Lecture LOT 188
2 Cynthia UPR 119
2 Guzma BUS 115
1 Lillie SUM 122
1 Judge BKT 143
1 Acerola BUS 112
1 Cyrus Prism Star UPR 120
4 Ultra Ball SUM 135
2 Aqua Patch GRI 119
2 Rescue Stretcher GRI 130
1 Timer Ball SUM 134
1 Great Ball SUM 119
1 Switch SUM 132
1 Enhanced Hammer GRI 124
1 Counter Catcher CIN 91
1 Energy Loto GRI 122
2 Choice Band GRI 121
2 Brooklet Hill GRI 120

Energy – 10
6 Water Energy 3
4 Double Colorless Energy SUM 136


Adam says:

excellent, been looking for some sort of glaceon gx list to play around with!

BlazingAura97 says:

Mahone’s the only person I’ve ever heard say “Ram for 20”

TheVeganSquid says:

Why dislike smh

Bigget Mofo says:

“This is fine…” Love you Mahoney.

Tanish Sachdeva says:

I love this deck. The deck functions properly. I love the idea of this deck. Nice work mahone

Bram Dutry says:

awesome video! 🙂 keep up the good work Mahone!

Alex Wait says:

That lost march game though… smh haha

Great video Mahone!

Teun Mekenkamp says:

u could have won earlier, u needed to evolve the greninja and snipe the hoppip for the KO, than gx with glaceon for 150 + 30 = 180 = ko to lele

ThatPoorKenyan says:

haha was my mates list who finished 24th

commander bly says:

Dang it mahone now I’m going to waste all my packs to attempt a metal deck, how dare you make such good content

AlphuS LF says:

The lost march was probably a BOT by the looks of it.

devon mellem says:

you stole my deck

Mako-Chan says:


Fernando Flores says:

ThePaccas must have been training for months to make all the possible wrong choices with the deck. What a legend

Jerry Meehan Jr says:


NDogg15 says:

That Lost March player is the worst player I’ve ever seen on PTCGO. Almost every move he made was a misplay.

mindustrial says:

I like this deck with the less draw support. It has various good knock out methods where you should be able to draw into easily. If you get that one Zoraork out you really don’t need the draw support. Being able to power up both Glaceon and Greninja as main attackers is crazy enough.

Doppelpunkture says:

The savage Paccas

Jacob Edward Smith says:

I took first at my end of the year celebration cup with meganium greninja!

Jamesta James says:

I always say “Wwwwhat’s up everybody” when clicking on your vids. I would be disappointed if you ever stopped saying that ;p

Alex McCorkindale says:

29:46 thumbs up for papermate pens

Provocateur says:

FUK this game for using BOTS all the time!

Tanner Broadstock says:

Pokemon Communication gives this deck so much

S6OVD Pokémon says:

Never punished Mahone

Megaman says:

You should drop the cyrus and 1 elm for 2 more cynthias

Cameron Dickenson says:


143Oshawott says:

I really hope that lost March player was trolling LOL

ArtyFarts says:

F in comments for our lost March noob

Zach Monty says:

Great moves Andrew, keep it up!

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