Golisopod GX / Magcargo – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Zachary Zamora’s 13th place Memphis Regional Championship Golisopod GX / Magcargo GX in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online gameplay video.

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SwagOtter says:

that intro made my laugh so hard my parents had to ask me if i was ok

Riley Hulbert says:

Now this is the kind of content I came to see!

Pikachu uuu101 says:

Just watching with captions on, all I can say is Go Lisa Pod!

davidiswhat says:

Guess the macargo is to guarantee guzma/acerola. Still surprised to see no switch/escape ropes or max potion.

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Andrew I love your videos. Your apartment is so beautiful. Busted new studio. It is better than the previous one. Your content is getting better day by day. Thank You for an amazing content.

Doge Biscuit says:

Ayoooo… dope video. Love the lights and the fun vid hehehe

NicKVenTs says:

This intro lmao

Connor Foster says:

Magcargo GX? Nani?

Alex Edes says:

Love the neon light’s! I saw Golisopod/Cargo and instantly clicked. Then laughed my butt off after the intro. Good lite humor video!

Deuce Loosely ptcg says:

Like ur vids but what’s up with that shirt???? C’mon man!!!!!!!

Gangstagonzo3 says:

Andrew, you should post deck lists on the Lost Thunder decks you’ve been testing in the traditional format! I know with the studio being setup it could be difficult but I’d love to see the lists, especially that CandyCake GX

Hor Rui Xin says:

LOL i saw de title and was like WAITTTTTT MAGCARGO GX IS OUT IN PTCGO ALREADY?..and eventually found out that it is jus baby magcargo lololol

Collin Kurzner says:

Its like an episode of the office where you cut away for commentary

Andrew Denkus says:


steven says:

0:18 that random wave actually scared de “freak” out of me

Mitchell Anderson says:

lol that intro

NDogg15 says:

You lost because you have Christmas lights up in October.

Timothy Chau says:

this is a high skill-cap deck. you cant just pick it up and do great, unlike vikaray, or malamar (if you draw well)

Euler Machado says:

The start of the video is pure gold!!! Andrew embarassed with the losses, the error in speech and Natalie stealth hahahahaha
We love your videos Mahone!

thejester168 says:

Andrew with the spoilers!!! Love the videos though keep em coming

Mitchen Chicken says:

Andrew big fan of your stuff since you started on Derium’s and you never dissapoint, great vid bud keep it up!

Poker Jedi says:

Sometimes the card gods don’t go your way!! I’ve been there numerous times where you just can’t get the one card you need to either win a game or swing it in your favor

Pop Palanquin says:

oн no

J Pannafino says:

I guess you can do a Golisopod and Slaking version … no worries Andrew I lose all the time 🙂

Bry Pico says:

needs heavy koko

Lukas Penner says:

Can you do buzztales tabletop

Nadav sc says:

andrew wich deck was more tramatizing for you; this deck or greninja break?

TheGrumpyGoku says:

I know u hate it but it’s nice to see u play different decks and at lest try them out

Ethan Jamison says:

High threat level… would you say, perhaps, threat level: MIDNIGHT????

Xander Homeschool says:

no one gonig to say some thing a bote nat???

Sarah Kiara says:

Soooooo I shouldn’t play golisiopod gx macargo then… thanks for the vids!

William Franklyn says:

Nice lights mahdude

Joshua Trotterchaud says:

Tough starts man but it was still cool seeing a pod deck again! Awesome vid!

Taylor Marzuco says:

Coming to us from Malone’s Spooky Room lol

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