Granbull – NEW!! Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Granbull in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video. Check out this crazy rogue deck in action as the big pink dog bulldozes the competition!

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Theres a stunfisk from Lost Thunder that does 50 for 1 lightning energy and discards it. With choice band+Electropower+Kukui it does 130 for 1 (or nothing depending on if theres a counter gain). It also can do 80 with 1 electropower on T1 (2nd turn of the game) to take that quick KO.

Evan Pillsbury says:


Tony Monohan says:

Y are you playing these decks you’re just going to play buzz

benxuxova says:

I felt the need for a prof kukui quite abit while facing those 210hp gx pokemon. Yes risky, but with cargo stacking a discarding card, granbull could have OHKO with a choice band.

Alice Arcade says:

I actually built a similar deck but it is Gardevoir and Decidueye. It’s my Deciduvoir deck.

Alex McCorkindale says:

Been loving watching these daily videos on my smoko breaks at work!

Cortez Pates says:

hey does anyone know a place where I can sell pokemon cards. I really want to sell the rarest I got. like ray or ho oh

Tim Melton says:

46:25 “Did we discard Diantha? No, we got Diantha – we didn’t lose yet!”

Diantha: *sheds a single tear from the Lost Zone*

Znido Znidersic says:

I’m currently working on a nice spread deck using tapu koko and fairy type lele. It’s been fun getting lost march decks to rage quit

Kep says:

At 7:45 ish I would’ve stacked for a choice band, after shrine the zoroark would die

Spicy 5Z says:

1:20 Paris is in France…

Ijjobba says:

SUPER hyped on Clifford! Can’t wait to build it!

Chadd Russo says:

Granbull > Lost March allllll day

Riley Hulbert says:

Broken busted filthy deck

Ethan Parks says:

At 28:33, could have grabbed Mysterious Treasure instead of Ultra Ball if you wanted to preserve the energy. There were a couple other moments where stacking the Treasure would have been a more sure play.

Cory Taylor says:

Don’t forget mysterious treasure. It can bail you out if you have a burnable card in your hand already

Jamesta James says:

I bet Ditto’s mom told him that when he grows up, he can be whoever he wants to be.

yocemaster says:

At 49:18 could have strechered back magcargo

Spicy 5Z says:

Clifford Da Big Pink Dog

Alex McCorkindale says:

Pal pad, Energy Recycle System and Rescue Stretcher are good on paper for this deck. In practice it goes a lot different. You’d have to play like 50 games with each and look at that stats

Rodney Henry says:

Loving this deck. I am a huge fan of non gx decks, and this deck literally only uses 4 cards from the new set to build it. Fantastic budget deck for new players and a good thinker deck for us vets. This is the first deck I plan to play when lost thunder is legal.

Jaromir Bracki says:


Jeff Stegeman says:

i played a similar version and the energy recycle would be worth it in my list too since i was finding that issue as well for games that were against none gx

Cortez Pates says:

suckle roach koko. sleeper top ten. I hVent tested it yet but hits like a train with choice band naga. and elect power. take that rayq

JJ says:

take a shot each time ‘sketchy’ is mentioned

Jonathan Thomas says:

this deck requires a lot of thinking but is rewarding

Jack Saunders says:

You could’ve nocked out the zoroark GX in the first game if you got a choice band and attached to the active instead of the bodybuilding dumbbells.

Feral Pal says:

Needs 4 Diantha.

Latiamy77 says:

Huh, so that’s how the pink pupper works. Really cool deck! Might try it out at league. ^-^

drew connely says:

Dude I ordered your Misty playmat and that thing is gorgeous! Very well done on the design but this is my shout-out because I don’t have a Twitter! Will be posting it on my IG @banana.pants__

Nonito Nonito says:

you forget shuckle gx beats this

Jamesta James says:

6:30 I feel like most people don’t know how to play Deciduroark. Should have definitely gotten the Decidueye instead of Zoroark because of the resistance.

Yo Po says:

At the start of the first game I think you could have used snubbul to knock out ditto prism star

Adam says:

Probably my fave none budget deck I’ve ever seen, the draw engine is really cool.

TrainerT says:

I think its probably just a playstyle thing, but I think attaching dumbbells to another granbull and smooth over-ing for a choice band to KO zoroark at that start might’ve been more ideal? Let me know if not.

Jaromir Bracki says:

Merch idea: playmat with Granbull casted as Clifford.

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