Granbull – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

PrimetimePokemon battles on the Pokemon TCG online with the 2nd Place deck at the 2018 Latin America International Championships, Granbull.

The strategy with this deck is to attack with Granbull every turn while having zero cards in your hand. With 37 Trainer cards in the deck, there are lots of ways to get your hand down to zero and do 160 damage per turn with Granbull for only 1 Energy! The combination of Smooth Over on Magcargo and Instruct on Oranguru, make it that much easier to get All Out to do maximum damage.

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Johndoez Gaming says:

You are getting good at this game do you plan on battling more

Bartman says:

Can u still use EX cards?

Xeno Draft says:

Do you have the 1st edition 22/82 Team Rocke non hollographic Dark Dragonite card? I do

Caleb Nahm says:

Hello there ptp

Squirtle Squad Openings says:

Great video! Couldn’t realise why this deck was so good until now! Awesome!

HERB Gaming says:

Slick deck and very well played on your part man. Great video as per usual, love the content.

GrenadR says:

Instead of fiery flint I use Lost Blender, works well with Magcargo to help get an energy or granbull. This deck is actually quite different from mine.

Hype Lightening says:

Nobody does Pokémon tcg video that’s why I subscribe

thisisgiosfirst says:

I’ve never played the game but now I want to!!!

Legend Gotta Catch Em All says:

I just caught a Snubull with maxed out stats on Pokémon GO. Used a regular poke ball lol

Derek Theiss says:

I opened a booster box, and I got a Blacepholon GX, Alolan Ninetales GX, Sceptile GX, Shuckle GX full art, Lost Blender Secret rare, and a Judge full art trainer. I remember getting another regular GX, but I don’t remember what it was. I also got a couple of professor Elm’s lecture too 🙂

Haunted Knight says:

This deck is a lot more complicated than I first thought it was. Great gameplay on your part and you’ve inspired me to give this deck a try. Keep up the great videos man, I am personally a huge fan of your online gameplay series 🙂

Revolutionaire Rebel says:

I like it, but it’s too difficult to play! I prefer Zoroark and Decidueye decks

Alex Tube says:

Awesome video primetimepokemon. Question for the day, is there a thing called as a Tapu Lele GX deck?

thexanderzone says:

happy tenth anniversary.

Justin Carreras says:

Not going to lie I seriously hate playing against this deck

Kyley Mercer says:

Nicely done, taking me to Pokemon TCG school every video


i just realized that tomorrow marks PTP’s 10 years of youtube

the real pain says:

Today i bought a pack on the TCG game. And i got a normal Ho-oh card. I used it in battle , normally the card does 30 damage. But for each type of basic energy card it does an additional 30 . so i battled this guy online and he saw how many energy’s i had stacked on Ho-oh so he gave up the match.

AntDanCast says:

great video!! love watching the TCG in this format!

Its The Daniel Show says:

Hey ptp could you make more videos of you showing decks you use because I like the aggressive fracks like you

KasheMoneyRemix says:

Wow great deck

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