Greninja BREAK – Pokemon Trading Card Game Deck Profile

Andrew Mahone reviews the Top-4 Greninja BREAK deck profile from the Madison Regional Championships.

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BlazingAura97 says:

And for everybody that’s looking to pick up Greninja in Expanded, here’s a bit of advice. This deck is very vulnerable to Guzma and Lysandre. When you have Starmie and weakened, unevolved Frogadier on the bench, your opponent will have a free prize card. This deck has an absolutely horrible mirror match, because you have to repeatedly Shadow Stitching, and only Muscle Band can boost that damage. Night March just DIES to this, and that’s not even funny. Marshadow’s ability will be blocked, and your opponent will basically be forced to scoop once you take out their Marshadows. In case you find a GardeGallade deck in Expanded, you pretty much win, as long as you get a Turn 3 Greninja. It does take a bit of luck, but it’s possible that you can easily win. Shadow Stitching to block Secret Spring, Galllade’s Premonition, and Octillery’s Abyssal Hand is crazy, and blocks any chance of setting up, except for N, Cynthia, and Sycamore. Buzzwole is a really tough matchup, because they can take out a 2 Froakie in a single turn with the luck of the draw of no Frogadier and no way to get them out. But I think once you really get going, it’s an easier matchup. However, I’ve never actually played against Buzzwole, so I don’t have much more to say about that. Zoroark GX is gonna get blocked from Trade. That’s good because that ability is its only way of draw support. Zoroark is seeing less play, though, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.
I hope I helped anyone who was thinking of playing Greninja in Expanded.


Is there a reason why you wouldn’t run any Brigette?

Nate Seacrist says:

I have always felt Greninja Break is bdif on paper. The problem is it just beats itself with “Greninja hands”.

OX Gaming says:


nerfherder1986 says:

How would you fit a couple Counter Catcher in this list? I think Catcher gives you a better chance against decks that play the Giratina promo. Would you just swap the Max Potions for them?

Joshua Graham says:

I love Greninja break, but 4 evosodas is a bit much

Epic-a Wer says:


TheRoboSensei says:

Delete this

BlazingAura97 says:

I seriously don’t know why people hate on this deck. It’s amazing! It blocks out Malamar, and can dish out crazy hits with Shurikens and Moonlight Slashes. I’m going to be very, very sad when this rotates, but I’m playing this in Expanded no matter what. Everything I just said comes from a Greninja player, so I’m just defending my favorite deck.

Mystic 64 says:

Can you do Zoarark/Lycanroc deck that won Sheffield regionals

Jacob Dominic says:

Do a Lucario garb it Lucario zoroark

Matt Gregg says:

As someone that picked up Pokémon in the last year, I’m glad Greninja is rotating.

NDogg15 says:

*dry heaves*

I can’t wait for this to rotate. Also, interesting that he still swears by Bubble in this format.

Revolutionaire Rebel says:

I prefer 2-1 Staryu Starmie and 3 Cynthias and 3 Sycamores.

Lego Ninja SN says:

Greninja Break maybe in expanded?

shadowdraqon says:

da 70 hp froakie is better. it can survive 2 jet punches from the bench. and bubble isnt good anymore since the dawn wingz can free retreat their paralyzed active pokemon.

Andrew Berhorst says:

I hate Greninja BREAK with a passion. The first tournament I took it to the very first game I played I prized 2 frogs and the other one was in my hand when I used Water Duplicates. Every time I even think about taking it to another tournament those kind of shenanigans happen.

Joseph Rowe says:


Number Six says:

I don’t know how people play this deck competitively. I almost lost to the TEST DECK opponent in PTCGO! Took like 6 turns to get a GB out.

Sean Caco says:

Nice vid!

ReapXrWoW says:

Hey Mr. Mahone, I played Zygarde/Lycanroc at the New Zealand Special Event this weekend and another guy playing the same deck won the whole event. Think about doing a Deck Pro or Playthrough video on our deck please? Zygarde Lycanroc (no bonnies!) . Similar enough to Klive Aw list from Asia that keeps placing well in events (multiple top 3’s) just use his list 🙂 You might find its pretty sneakily strong and has good matchups vs malamar and zoroark, and not to shabby vs buzz.

pokemaster 500 says:

Nice deck

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