Greninja GX vs Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Greninja GX vs Buzzwole GX in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online gameplay video. Will Andrew’s rogue deck be able to topple this meta game staple? Watch and find out!

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Brian Sciarratta says:

Great video Andrew. Love watching you show the strengths of these “off meta” decks. I think greninja gx is going to become a strong deck in the meta though. Just like lapras is gaining steam again. Keep up the awesome work

Mudkipow says:

LOL love the commentary when andrew disses himself haha

AlexCoronaPhoto says:


Ace Aryzen says:

Any idea why Andrew doesn’t post or show lists?

Lilith Demon-Godess says:

Great game. Love the thinker decks <3

Tim Melton says:

Big brain deck 🙂

Seems really solid against the new Buzzwole build, since it’s pretty difficult to even two-shot a Greninja-GX with Sledgehammer. The bulk + ability to play around increasing Sledgehammer’s damage output and Beast Ring is super-solid

Elan Gorham Siegler says:

This deck would’ve been a lot better in the previous standard format with dive ball etc

J Pannafino says:

My son (age 7 and been playing since Oct 2017) loves this deck (Greninja GX). He won 2 local small league challenges (juniors) with your guys BuzzGarb deck. I hope Natalie and Andrew see this post. Thanks for keeping the videos family friendly!

Chris Haines says:

Love the plays! Very well thought out.

gymboy 320 says:


Kittykattcyborg Tcg says:

im gonna stick to my metal beast box for anti meta

BrianF says:

Thats a very solid and consistent with that oct, im playing greninja since the jap release and totally agree with you very fun to play! Hope you get better!

TheAlexanderwv says:

Hey man, I had an idea for a deck. How about Yveltal ex malamar?

Micah Hayden says:

Lollll still the best with the snipes bud

Jamesta James says:

Just sayin but I won back-to-back tournaments on PTCGO with Decidueye GX, so you’re missing out by using Greninja GX. Just playfully sayin 🙂 Greninja GX will be good after rotation for sniping :p I love sniping decks

Jacob Bell says:


Hyper says:

What makes greninja GX so much better than decidueye GX?

Javva Slugg says:

First 😛

DrayzkeN Gaming says:

Great video!! Love the content

Derek Theiss says:

YOOOO, what’s up, Andrew! 🙂

Sam Wickey says:


Eric Scott says:

Post commentary Mahone FTW

Lumi Asagi says:

Backstreet Boy Mahone

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