Greninja GX vs Lapras GX – Pokemon TCG Online Game Play

Andrew Mahone plays his new Greninja GX deck vs Lapras GX in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online game play video. Can Greninja GX be a good deck in standard format? Watch and find out!


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Syed Rhode says:

After rotation, this deck will be even better, its current main threats Parallel city & ability lock garbodor will be gone.
I think, this deck has great potential

Coolhand 118 says:

It’s finally legal. YES!

And Den26 says:

Can u do a deck review plz of greninja

Kaio César Silva says:

I belivie in Greninja Gx decks
I whould like to see working with baby ninetales and ninetales gx

Michael Stocker says:

The Decks awesome, have you considered the damage moving Lele? Not sure if Lele requires fairy energy but a rainbow or two as well if necessary

Azoo Cola says:

Greninja is best played by itself absolutely. I think you have a good spin on it, Tapu Koko is a great idea too.


You got a sweeet list there. You’re showing that Greninja doesn’t need Zoroark or Glaceon to get going.

johnsonrobert101 says:

Can you start putting the cards you use in the description? If so that would be awesome!!:) #TeamMahone!!

bmbmunoz2 says:

I like that we’re starting to see more competetive decks other than zoroark, and this deck especially looks really fun, and inexpensive

Ben Mackay says:

Add super rod?..

Micah Hayden says:

You seem like VERY good with these snipe decks like you were super good with decidueye I think it’s your think

Jamesta James says:

2:50- ouchhhh. Made me cringe lol.

AlexCoronaPhoto says:

Necrozma would be great in here for it’s GX attack. Lights out or whatever it’s called.

987lobster says:

Why not use the 70hp froakie?

Jamesta James says:

Decidueye > Greninja 🙂

jaime hernandez says:

Lol I was the 420viewer 🙂

PCourie: Stuck in Alohaville says:

Can’t get used to the Tricky Gym Opening

RSA says:

Very cool list, I’ve been playing Greninja with Ninetales, but sadly only the baby Ninetales works, I almost never get to use the GX because I need the stall the baby gets me, also, 80 damage (110 with choice band) is pretty good.

mp29940 says:

Is that a blouse?

weird demon says:

Haha you beat chip with this. That’s amazing

Aston Martin says:

30th View!
Whadddup Andrew??!?!!?!??

Nico Melki says:

I’m trying to make lapras irl is volcanian prism good? Also list is in the reply.

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Cool deck.

Poker Jedi says:

What about splash energy instead of regular water energy?? Assuming they don’t get enhanced hammered, if Greninjas do get knocked out, they go right back to you hand!

Adam says:

Loving that deck!

Dominik says:

I love spread! This was a very fun video to watch!

Captain Mallard says:

Hey Andrew I actually made a Lapras deck and I really recommend trying it out again. You sorta play it like buzzwole with 4 guzmas, but with 4 aqua patch, a volcean prism star, and a Dawn wings and it’s actually a really fun deck that can set up really fast. And it has a great matchup against buzzwole considering you play 4 choice bands and buzzwole doesn’t play field blower. Just letting you know that you should try it out

Daniel Gatica Oviedo says:

Mahone, try adding parallel city and cyrus

Ash - Ishaan says:

Awesome video! Greninja is my favorite deck from Forbidden Light. I personally play Crasher wake, Aqua patch and Volcanion Prism in my list

Richie Rich says:


Corey Pais says:

Dude, your about to hit 34K subs! #FansLikeFroakie #Multiply

Kendall McCulloch says:

What’s the deck list

Devin conklin says:

I run a greninja fini deck evolve then go for a snipe

Eric Scott says:

Why not tank a hit with greninja before dealing more damage and shuffling it back since it can’t one shot you?

Tim Melton says:

Really sweet concept – I always love spread decks, but this one is extra sick because it can also tank hits (at least, so long as Golisopod remains down in popularity). However, this deck seems to take a fat L to Garb decks, which I think will be popular in the FBL format, so I don’t know if it will ever really see a lot of competitive success

Also, are you planning to upload the match you had with Trainer Chip with this deck? It was featured in one of his recent videos, and showed some really expert playing on your end.

Poké TUBE says:

What a great game

Gian Louie Palmares says:

Dude!!! i dont know why you shuffled the Greninja-GX that was fully loaded? Am I missing something?

Devin Chen says:

Doesn’t Espeon Ex only devolve the enemy’s pokemon?

tasos basiadimas says:


Juan Casillas says:

I think super rod is decent because it can get back energy and pokemon

Alex Edes says:

I see your BEAUTIFUL Misty playmat is all sold out….. SUCKS to be me lol. Are you getting another order of them? I saw the Sabrina one’s and although it’s my favorite 3 part episode in the first season. I’d rather have the Misty one.

PokemonTCG Lover says:

Go Greninja with no Zoroark!

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