Greninja GX vs Mega Mewtwo EX and Zoroark GX / Lycanroc GX – Pokemon TCG Online Game Play

Andrew Mahone plays Greninja GX vs Mega Mewtwo EX and Zoroark GX / Lycanroc GX in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online game play video. Is Greninja GX legit or another meme deck? Watch and decide for yourself!

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****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

##Pokémon – 20

* 2 Tapu Koko PR-SM SM30
* 1 Latios SLG 41
* 1 Mewtwo EVO 51
* 1 Tapu Lele-GX GRI 60
* 4 Froakie FLI 22
* 2 Remoraid BKT 32
* 4 Frogadier FLI 23
* 2 Octillery BKT 33
* 3 Greninja-GX FLI 120

##Trainer Cards – 32

* 3 Brooklet Hill GRI 120
* 2 Rescue Stretcher GRI 130
* 2 Timer Ball SUM 134
* 4 N DEX 96
* 1 Professor Sycamore BKP 107
* 4 Cynthia UPR 119
* 1 Field Blower GRI 125
* 2 Guzma BUS 115
* 4 Ultra Ball SLG 68
* 3 Choice Band GRI 121
* 4 Super Scoop Up SLG 66
* 2 Aqua Patch GRI 119

##Energy – 8

* 4 Water Energy EVO 93
* 4 Double Colorless Energy EVO 90

Total Cards – 60

****** Deck List Generated by the Pokémon TCG Online ******


Poké TUBE says:


Lilith Demon-Godess says:

Nice Mahone! Like seeing the changes and the deck evolve #NinjaFroggo

Dr. Oreo says:

You said that you they were no where close to knocking your grininja out so you could have promoteted anything lele for guzma guzma into the mega with 100 on it and take two without getting return knocked out

HopieNinja says:


Pyre Dynasty says:

The frustrating thing about watching these videos is I forget it’s a video so I click on cards to get a closer look and just end up pausing.

Matias Ureta says:

Hi, what is the decklist you use? Please!!!

NDogg15 says:

Mega Mewtwo EX. I wish we had Mega GX’s

Tim Albrecht says:

You need a Espeon-EX to Devolve .

Adam says:

Finally got a hold of some greninja gxs and put a similar list together, DAMN I think this is the most fun deck I’ve ever played. I seem to be able to win with it even when it seems impossible, just absolutely love this playstyle!

Peter Newlands says:

could you record in 1080? its hard to tell what’s going on for someone who is not as knowledgeable about PTCG when I can’t read the cards

Levi Livengood says:

Running greninja GX with glaceon GX it’s pretty consistent had a 8 win streak going until I played this guy last night lmao.

bmbmunoz2 says:

I still like Espeon for decks like zoroark

Samson Drake says:

PS:rock ruff has 70HP now

Deuce Loosely ptcg says:

good thing ur not a math teacher!

Gian Louie Palmares says:

Mahone! Thanks for listening regarding putting the deck list in the video description! Cool bro!

David Viotto says:

One copy of counter energy and one baby Lele to abuse bench damage maybe?


You can evolve twice a turn?? I thought it was only one evolve per turn

Daniel Gatica Oviedo says:

only 4 basic??

suparedplayz Vlogs says:

Can you review the elite trainer box sleeves

TheEPICDusknoir says:

So no Brigette, only 1 Lele, and no Splash Energy? Why? Splash Energy recycles Frogs to re-evolve them, Brigette is probably better than Brooklet Hill, but replacing Parallel is good. 1 Lele is outright bad. You don’t play enough draw supporters to keep from dead drawing, and having only one out in hands with Ultra Ball when the one could be prized, benched, or discarded on top of just having less consistency hinders a clunky deck like Greninja.

mharr says:

This is such a skill heavy deck. I put my bench damage in the wrong place all the time, and as a result find myself 20 or 30 damage short of a knock out or win often.

I have found more consistency and success with Greninja Zoroark lists, dropping timer ball and scoop ups. Coin flips drive me insane.

Channel looks great by the way. New name is awesome and the old school table top game from the other day was sick. Wish I was playing back when these formats were a real thing.

Ash - Ishaan says:

Awesome video! Greninja GX is a pretty fun deck! I have 2 on PTCGO so I am trying it out with Silvally GX. Just because Greninja sets up slowly and Silvally is to attack while we set up Greninja. And The 20 and 30 snipe damage can help Silvally’s attacks.

Pikaquaza says:

Awesome video as always(:

Richie Rich says:


João Paulo Faria Henrique says:

Did you consider using Multiswitch in order to move DCEs around?

TheTankingWizard says:

In the title, it’s mega mewtwo ex, not gx

Thiago Juzeph says:

Can be good counter energy more tapu lele from ultra prism?

Tuc Fang says:

Ive had some success with greninja zoroark because zoroark is another attacker i can bring up after haze slash.

Ryan Miller says:

Wanna try noibat/garbodor?

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