(Guide) How to Build Pokemon Decks For Standard 2016-2017 (Text Guide Included)

For a visual and text guide with more information, try my website: http://darkintegralgaming.com/deck-building/

****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

##Pokémon – 0

##Trainer Cards – 35

* 4 Trainers’ Mail ROS 92
* 2 Lysandre FLF 90
* 4 Professor Sycamore XY 122
* 4 Ultra Ball FLF 99
* 1 Super Rod NVI 95
* 1 Escape Rope PRC 127
* 1 Town Map BKT 150
* 4 Max Elixir BKP 102
* 4 N NVI 92
* 3 Fighting Fury Belt BKP 99
* 1 Float Stone PLF 99
* 4 VS Seeker PHF 109
* 1 Switch BLW 104
* 1 Delinquent BKP 98

##Energy – 13

* 9 Water Energy Energy 3
* 4 Double Colorless Energy XY 130

Total Cards – 48

****** Deck List Generated by the Pokémon TCG Online www.pokemon.com/TCGO ******


TakeInS2 says:

why does he have exactly 4 locked versions of each card? how is that possible?

Divine Lies says:

I would disclude town map

EtheralForce1 says:

what i literally just watched kimi no na wa and went on youtube and this is the first video i watched. donald y u release the feels again with the first song ;_;

Reaver says:

so i went up against this guy with an all blue 59 blue energy and one ex card cant remember what it was exactly but he completely smeared me is that even a viable deck

Tuvillo says:

What about Puzzle of Time? Can 4 Puzzles replace stuff like Super Rod, etc? (Or did it only see play because of Battle Compressor?)

Iota Ceti says:

you move way too much in the webcam.

Yengu 1 says:

The beginning nearly made me kill myself

Fettman07 says:

How do you have exactly 4 locked copies of every card and no tradeable versions?

Love your channel, great content.

MrIronJustice says:

Wow man, really eye opening. Thanks for the info!

Hendrik Kemper says:

Hey Donald, greetngs from Germany, can u make a current Video for the new standart?

Connor Gerson says:

Anyone know if you can intentionally fail an ultra ball? To clarify, use your ultra ball to discard two cards, then choose not to take a Pokemon from your deck (even if you do have Pokemon in your deck still).

Khan Highlights says:

when i try to manage deck its says in valid deck it will be valid if you must address the following this deck contain cards that you dont own your deck must one basic pokemon to play in game

Caleb Rogerson says:

Shouldn’t you use dive ball if your running a water deck

Kyle Harmon says:

Can you do an updated Standard video with the new cards? And if any of them are worth using/ adding to a deck. I would really appreciate it. (btw you basically taught me how to play. So thank you for that.)

Jelco Leys says:

This isn’t a tutorial, it is just you going over all the staples, not telling your viewers when you play a certain amount of the, or when to include a certain card. Also, town map and delinquent aren’t staples.

Aldo Castillo says:

Are you ok? You look in pain while you speak xD

Antech says:

Hey i love your videos and built my own deck. When I want to use it for online it says it will have to remove some specific cards. why is that? is it some part of the rules? maybe they arent allowed in play?

4real51 says:

Couldn’t resist but I had to subscribe… You’re energy is great

Optic Alvarez says:

do you have any octillery for trade dark plz i need 2 to copy your noivern break deck

Lolcoolderp Poptart says:

do umbreon ex with greedy dice take 5 prize cards

bradley Oneal says:

is this guy on drugs lol?

Ikram'O'Marki says:

“Draw 7 cards….discard your hand” I get what’re you trying to say but XD cant help it

RedSamurai117 says:

thanks for the guide bro you are awsome

Linda Williams says:

BOO!!! you act so……..whats the word? Come on fans

Showtime says:

You are the man. I am a new PTCGO player and you just taught me so much and in a very fun way. Thank you and keep up the good work!

ChefKevinShow says:

If only I can have his tokens 🙁

Ina Friginal says:

I’m new in the Pokemon TGC community and I have lots of questions but let’s start with one.

What do you mean by “standard”? Is it a way to play? Does it mean there are others?

ShinThanatos says:

Is M-Ray deck still working on 2016/17 Standard?

JayCPU says:

Can you not smile like that in your thunbnail

LWLman says:

Thank you for this video, this really helped me. I was wondering why every youtuber I watched used all the same cards

Elergetic Gaming says:

I’m just getting started with the Pokémon tcg and I get a few basic decks and a booster box and was trying to make my own deck but when I did I lost due to drawling to many cards..

Alejandro caceres gonzalez says:

This song is from Your Name, isnt it?

Zora Goron says:

Dude this guide is very detailed and useful! Thanks 🙂

troy geren says:

can someone answer my question? How come he never uses birch? Instead always n I was curious as I am just starting to get into the PTCG not the online version. If Donald answers that would be awsome 😀 great videos man!

Melinda Buzas says:

it works except if youre new like me

Bron Solo says:

why not use double rainbow or double dragon? they are all special so it wouldn’t hurt, right?

Briana Stull says:

I run a Fairy deck, Xerneas Break and M Gardevoir. I run four Fairy Garden’s, should I still add switches and float stones?

Rocksight says:

Hey donald and flaygon from primal clash with the ability sand flap with yanmega break. I think they have really good synergy together.

Alison Brown says:

need a recking ball?
sign up to use my OP Mew EX bellow:

Thank You! ( That will be 5$. )

ToasTDingS says:

I built a Deck with all stapels in it, Named it “1.Shape” and everytime I want to built a deck I copy this deck and delet the card I didn’t need an add the specific card to the deck. I highly recommend doing this, safes a looot of time an stress

bruno santos says:

This helps me a lot. I don’t have any tradable packs, but I have a lot of coins from winning theme deck versus games. I’ve been trying to cobble together a standard deck but I only have single copies of EX’s that don’t work together

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