(Guide) How To Get Pokemon Cards You Want on The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

From start to finish, where I get most my cards. I recommend looking on EBAY for better deals if you can wait for them to be mailed to you.


The 暇人 says:

Can we trade?

Exotic Glyphs says:

Guys if your wondering what website he said its EGCG.com

Faraz Arshad says:

Whats the name of the music in the background?

High Kicks Asian says:

I’ve noticed in my trade offers that some people will give away one GX for just one pack, why is that? Is it because those GX in particular suck and these people want a retry by getting another pack? Always thought a GX was worth more than just one pack.

Jordan Malouff says:

what is it

Bruno says:

Thanks for the tips 😉

xXx_NachoWheel_xXx says:


Nicholas Esparza says:

Thanks for vid bro very nice

Gokusonic339 says:

Is that noragami music?

Jarvis Carrol says:

What about breaks??

Mynameisjake says:

No game, no life

Gas 129 says:

i cant get rid of my limited thing so i cant give ex for booster packs its realy annoying help plz

Neavz Gaming says:

wich level do i unlock trade cause when i try go in trade i cant press the trade button. Can someone help me?

Cool Fun //Coolvideos says:

i setted up a trade for a regular aqua patch for a mega tyranitar and someone actually traded

Nate Haydal says:

do you have a extra mega mewtwo ex

kadiengamerz says:

Hello gengar the king of tcg

HeartmOOre says:

Kyouran HEY KIDS!! <3 and NO game NO life op

Mashed Patatas says:

Was i the only one who noticed the background music was from noragami?

Random Thing 123 says:


KutoyTheDancer says:

Does the code come instantly or no?

weaponx8211 says:

My lgs sells qr codes for 4 for a dollar. I’ve bought tons

Trainer Matt says:

Awesome video. Would love some feedback for my first tcg gameplay video

vignesh vicky says:

is it possible to buy from india visa cards?

Alejandro caceres gonzalez says:

The oral cigarettes, kurutte hey kids, Noragami :v

DrNo007 says:

Just watching the video and thinking to myself: dafuq I know this song 😀

Lugia6654 YT says:

Baby’s. Come from Saxophones

Josiah Schweyer says:

Noragami theme 😀

Jett Mills says:

Lol no one likes Steven

w0g says:

But where do the EX, GX, etc. cards come from online. I have bought 12 real paper booster packs and have pulled 3 GX and 1 Mega EX. I have opened about 30 booster packs online and have never gotten any GX or EX?

SuperPikachu 2 says:

danm daniel!

DurpyPony says:

Lol I thought I were going to talk about a hack or something

james mackenzie says:

unless your trying to get Tapu Lele gx then your screwed

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