Hex Maniac Banned in the Pokemon Trading Card Game!

Hex Maniac has been banned in the Pokemon TCG. I am happy about this. Come see!

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JustRightGaming says:

I do like banning this version of Hex, however I do think it should get a replacement. I have already seen these ideas in the comments and wanted to shout out a few that I saw:
* Change the wording so only Pokémon in play or in the discard loose abilities so set up Pokémon aren’t affected and turn 1 hex isn’t as disruptive but still serves its purpose.
* Make hex a prism star so this much disruption can only be used once and cannot be chained.

Fred says:

I feel partially responsible… my current Zoroark deck uses 4 Hex Maniac, 4 Puzzle of Time and 4 VS Seeker… sorry, not sorry : )

Kristen says:

Seems like the major reason to ban these cards is that they’re too strong on the first turn of the game, so why not just add an errata that makes you unable to play them on the first turn of the game?

Edit: Or a semi-ban list that limits how many of them you can put in your deck. For all the problems I have with YuGiOh’s rules the semi-ban was one I thought was actually a good way of limiting strong cards without going overboard with bans.

Julian Walker says:


HexBash Plays says:

So basically with all these cards being banned means Zoroark GX Skyfield in expanded is going to be BDIF?

Lucoolio says:

I will miss this card. RIP

Starsoulklr says:

Can you skip Wally to go to Puzzle Pieces next? We all know Forest Curse is why Wally’s banned I’m slightly more curious about those cards instead.

Hex Maniac I can see some good reasons to not ban it as a control card . She could be oppressive as well.

Jamesta James says:

Wish they would ban VS Seeker instead.

Chandelure Scorcher says:


microbemaster says:

I think this video should’ve had some mentions of sudowoodo and the ridiculous combo with zoroark of use all your trades for free with exeggcute, then reuse all the exeggcutes, hex maniac to turn off the sudowoodo and fill up your bench for the KO. It completely shuts down THE zoroark counter while also locking your opponent out of abilities for their next turn.

Wailord’s Pokémon says:


JustRightGaming says:

I have mixed feelings about this ban. On one hand turn 1 ability lock can outright block you out of the game depending on what your starting hand is (which you don’t have any control over because it’s your turn 1) and chaining Hex is fairly easy in expanded thereby shutting down lots of strategies.
On the other hand some abilities are extremely powerful and not having a sure-way to turn them off makes them hard to counter. You can’t counter a supporter, but decks like Zoroark can counter every other kind of ability lock because they have access to most of their deck and discard pile throughout the whole game.

Natural Harmonia Gropius says:

Pls. Cover Fairy Charm, I send you the link to Mr. David Hochmann’s post.

I counters the best Pokemon in the format #AntiBuzzwole #AntiMalamar #AntiRayquaza

Greninja TCG says:

Wazzup Wossy

Anthony Lopez says:


hachiroku907 says:

This is a horrible ban choice

MechanisedOshawott says:

This is the only card I don’t agree with in the ban list. Like people know that you can block hex or play a hex back. Legitimately people need to get good.

Bifocal Gaming says:

In my league we banned night march decks

Alex Garcia says:

I think that Hex Maniac was balanced out by the fact that it is your supporter for the turn. Many players opt to not use it on turn 1 in most matchups because they bass to use a Brigette or another draw supporter to help them set up. The only real time that I have seen continuous Hex Maniac being used in a row is in the Zoroark mirror match. I feel like what Ross said at the end of the video is true about both Hex Maniac and Puzzle Of Time.

Brian Sciarratta says:

This fairness BS has to stop. This game is made to have one person win and one lose. If you play a better deck than you win. Hex, ghetsis, puzzle, Wally or otherwise. This is the biggest bunch of garbage. I haven’t ever even used these cards yet but the argument that it isn’t fair is lame!!!!

Coolhand 118 says:

6:57 what about trainers mail?

lakers1drew says:

Okay I’m just going to say banning this card is wrong. If we argue that we need to be able to implement multiple strategies, we have to take into account that putting this in a deck is also risky because we can’t guarantee decks rely on abilities. At the end of the day, there are cards that block out attacks from all EX/GX, cards that block attacks from all basic pokemon (which can leave entire decks unable to attack) and so on. People build decks to try to stop as many “blockers” as possible, but if not having abilities ruins your deck then you don’t have a well rounded deck and the person who implemented a strategy to shut abilities for a single turn beat you. Abilities are a strategy, and strategies need to have counters. Without this card, there is no counter to abilities in the supporter pile. Wrongful ban by this logic…

Best0fbart 15 says:

there is no problem with this card, it and puzzle of time are scapegoats that are supposedly to powerful with Zoroark GX. when in reality they are scapegoats for the fact that pokemon wont admit they printed a way to powerful card in Zoroark GX. And Zoroark is ridiculous with sky field, we need to ban sky field.

SHSuperSonic says:

Aegislash Ex vs Night March ( Just saying .-.)
I think we need some similar card with hex maniac effect but nerfed, like a item ( prism star?) That Works like headringer but for ability

Greninja TCG says:

What do u think is the bdif after rotation if so give me the list plz

pancho villa says:

So hex is unbalance but beast ring is ?? U can’t even play around beast ring

Malin The AmbientDinosaur says:

The best I can see the creators reworking Hex Maniac into a new card: Add a clause that reads “If you used an Ability this turn, you can’t play this card”.

This makes the Ability negation equal for both players. That way the player who wants to play “Hex Maniac 2.0” can’t use all their draw/set-up abilities on their turn and cannot just lock out the opponent.

Hermann Gnezdilov says:

omg 1st like and comment

Crystal BlackYT says:

After 1 day of learning i finnaly know how to play pokemon!

skylon bellows says:

I don’t understand this. They don’t ban Garbodor, but they ban this? Honestly, have they ever heard of bursting balloon on garbodor, which does the exact same thing as hex. Play it when you’ve used all your abilities, then after your opponents turn, the bursting balloon gets discarded, and you have abilities again. It’s a luck thing to get that field blower.

Paul Siwek says:

Maybe ban it first turn,but I see no need for a ban …it was a way to slow down a lot of decks

Coolhand 118 says:

The thing I find confusing… what about greninja… I know that Pokemon ranger is a thing… but nobody plays it…

phyo ko Ko says:

Hex Maniac is my babe! why ban her!!! T^T

jarjarv1 says:

I don’t support this ban, my deck has trouble against decks with Hoopa-Unbound and Alolan Ninetales that block GX and EX attacks on them and sometimes Hex Maniac would get me out of those situations. Now I have to rely more on cards like Guzma and Lysandre to make sure I don’t face them. Are there any alternatives?

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