Ho-Oh GX / Wobbuffet vs Random Decks – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Ho-Oh GX / Wobbuffet vs Tapu Bulu GX / Vikavolt and Tapu Koko Spread on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online in this gameplay video.

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Zach Quarles says:

Ho-oh is cool

Euler Machado says:

What, that second match was insane lol!
And I think you could saved your floats to Necrozma a lot, but you did well.

Prljavi Hari says:

i want a be good trainer like a Andrew Mahone 😀

WeeklyUrbanWalks says:

The wobuffet also blocks the ability to brush hair

Trey Key says:

Should have waited till the end

_2twenty2 says:

Awesome content #teambuzzrock

Agustin Mendez says:

it really shows when you dont like a deck, you play really poorly when you dont like the archetipe

Trey Key says:

Your the best

Richie Rich says:


Merijn van de Ree says:

13:58 You could have also won by using Invasion and retreat 🙂

Marcelo lima says:

What is your user?

Derium's Competitive Pokemon says:

I say in this video that I play super rod! That’s false – I cut it for more energy hahaha

Number Six says:

Wow, you never see that Electric Ball come out! OR the Electro Cannon! What IS this madness??

Encrypted Gaming says:

Love the deck keep up the good work I played that deck at the Sydney tourney it was fun good work andrew

Eduardo Castillo says:

Where is the deck list from ur decks??

neoepochx says:

Invasion is just, “Rush In, Retreat” all over again. I feel like it’ll be a bigger thing in a future metagame.

Supreme player says:

Good video

Tooortle says:

Mahone is gud

Hybris says:

Hey, I was the Bulu player in this video! The Koko was a misplay, I tunneled on it when I saw Ho-oh and forgot that my hand was dead for next turn ^^

Tim Melton says:

19 Basic Energy – we’re reaching theme deck levels of self-indulgence, folks

Nova1080 says:

If you show off the deck at the beginning, you don’t have to spend so much time talking about what you have during a game. Something to consider.

Gonzalo Schiavoni says:

DeckList plzz

Adam says:

Reminds me of typhlosion haha

Radioactive Blutonium says:

first dislike lets go

ashiqur rahman says:

Always love the videos

waffuhz says:

You know your opponent is behind when they use Electric Ball and Electro Cannon. Good games!

Brandon Santizo-Johnson says:

Wow when he N you lol

Chris Zerjavic says:

One Mahone a day blows the doctor away! 🙂

Trey Key says:

U need to always show deck list

Usama Muhammad says:

Why could he use phoenix burn the next turn with the same ho-oh?

Zychs_ Pokemon says:


Turn kiawe

Number Six says:

Just because you CAN do a video whenever you want, doesn’t mean you SHOULD! 🙂

Zach Miller says:

Why did you lele for guzma in game 1? All you had to do was use invasion and then retreat into ho-oh. Wobb doesn’t shut off necrozma. Im assuming it was just one of those things that you blanked on?

king lou says:

Nice deck, will u be at Collinsville?

Tyghe Grainger says:


Tyron James says:

could you update your volcánion ex hooh gx deck please

Poker Jedi says:

Powering up Ho-Oh’s and hitting things sounds like fun!! Getting OHKOs is very satisfying!!

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