How to Build a Pokemon TCG Deck

Tips for building a competitive deck in the Pokemon Trading Card Game are discussed in this video. This is the 1st video in a new series on my channel all about deck building for the Pokemon TCG. This video is mainly an overview to deck building, how to get started if you’re new to the Pokemon TCG, and important things to know when building a deck for the very first time. Future videos in this series will discuss important cards to include in decks when it comes to healing Pokemon, drawing cards, attaching Energy, and increasing damage. I will also continue to review all of the best decks in the Standard Format, so make sure to watch for those videos if you want to see an entire deck at once!

If you have any questions related to the Pokemon TCG and deck building, please let me know!

Thanks everyone for watching, and make sure to check out all the links below.

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NightTheUmbreon says:

Hi PtP! I’m thinking of buying a booster box. Any set recommendations?

Rocky Terruli says:

i have this deck i play with online and i literally always win with it it’s ridiculous but i’m nowhere near getting 3/4 of the cards in real life

Ruylo says:

Spend a lot of money

Lopance says:

The video I needed, Thanks 🙂

PokemonTCG Lover says:

So… in to competitive a lot, ive built vikabulu wth lele proxies, yet the problem i face is getting a real lele itself! They r just so expensive! And i love this new series it can help me get even better at the competitive tcg! Thanks a lot PrimeTimePokemon!

Bryan Lim says:

basketball vlog anytime soon?

Practical Pokemon says:

Will you build decks with Ultra Prism Cards?

TheExtreme Challengers says:

In your videos on a deck you built would you consider showing a clip from a battle you had with that deck

RyuNightmare says:

What happens when you do not have any Pokemon in your starting Hand?

adam says:

Those leles are putting me down 40 dollars a piece

Sara Elizabeth says:

Should I use more than 1 GX in a deck?

Jai 492 says:

Also what is your TCGO name, I wanna battle against you with my vikavolt/Koko/Bulu deck

Michèlle Meteora says:

Nice Shirt 🙂

The Storm wr PRO says:

I got the clanging thunder PTP thanks for the advice!! 🙂

Litten King says:

Primetime Pokemon is smart.

troll 65 says:

Yay I have been waiting for this video 😀

Jai 492 says:

I’m glad your doing this series! I am already in the competitive tcg but I might need to make sure I’m doing some things right

Fire Dog says:

Hey ptp, last night I opened a burning shadows etb and pulled 2 rare reverse, one rare holo and 1 regular gx, one full art gx and a lycanroc GX rainbow rare

Manghaki Hmar says:

you are the best youtuber ever

Stephanie Fleetwood says:

Which section of Barnes and Noble is your book in?

DTGMgaming4 YT says:

Can i have a booster box

NExT XL says:

Primetime Pokemon will you make a card battle videos with your deck?

Kirko SK says:

Can i make normal expanded/standart deck from theme deck (i mean discard some from theme from theme deck and add some good cards ) 🙂

JTAmazing says:

Hello you are the best youtuber

Pablo Herrera says:

I’m very happy for this new series of video, it’s gonna be very useful

troll 65 says:

I have a vikavolt gx/tapu koko gx/incineroar gx set up deck for beginners

dreze888 says:

Dope vid as always. Thanks for sharing

SDGaming _ says:

omg perfect timing. a mate just asked me to help him make a deck legit an hour after this came out, cheers!!

KaranManutd Maini says:

Thank you ptp , now I will win easily against my friends

JohnsCollection says:

Good info ! Im just starting to get into the tcg.

Brayden Knutson says:

thanks for this vid i apeceate it

Thunderflash85 says:


JCVlogs says:

I got a dragon fire deck and my friend haven’t beaten it yet lol

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