How To Play Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) Learn To Play In Less Than 15 minutes!

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Pokemon The Card Game is fun, easy to learn, and inexpensive to play. Best of all, the game is a social experience for kids and adults alike, where players use math and strategy all the while stimulating their imagination and creativity.

This video will teach someone who has never played the game before how to play in less than 15 minutes. Luckily, the game is very straightforward.

Using a 60 card deck, draw 7 cards, choose an active Pokemon, use energy cards to power up and enable various attacks on that Pokemon, all the while placing and evolving additional Pokemon on your bench and using trainer cards for support effects.

Pokemon was created by Wizards of the Coast, the same company behind Magic: The Gathering. I feel the two games are very closely related, and would describe the Pokemon TCG as “MTG-Lite.” Imagine Magic The Gathering without instant, and without a second main phase, and this is very much what Pokemon TCG is like.

But unlike a game such as Magic The Gathering, learning Pokemon is easy to do, and the rules can pretty much entirely be covered in fifteen minutes.


Alexia Kostopoulos says:

“Pokay-mon” poke a man?

Creeps Red05 says:

Nerd alert

Justin Kelley says:

Hey professor, I know this is an older video but I’m looking to sell off my Pokemon collection. I have become more of a Magic player. I was curious if it would be best to sell them to a local game store or online and where I should get a good price set for my cards? Thank you if you reply!:)

Tim Wright says:

Fantastic quick review for my kids and me. It’d been a while and we forgot some of the details.


RenytubeHD 28 says:


John TheEverthing says:

11 mins and 32 seconds ACTUALLY

デッキ戸惑うDeckmazing 1 says:


Bastien Clarke says:


Jack Rowe says:

Magic is better 100%

FEHanzo says:

Thank you very much you have taught me how to play this very nice game. I’m able to now play with my 9 year old who was playing the game all wrong LOL. This is going to be my door way into getting him into Magic because Yu Gi Oh is kinda wack these days. Thanks a bunch and like aways keep up the amazing work you do on here

Ted Guerin says:

i would play pokemon if they removed energy cards and made you pay points at the start of the game for pokemon or if you could buy single energy packs like you can do with lands in magic the gathering

Stephen Adams says:

You actually put your prizes after you play your active

noruego- jin says:

My nephew have some pokemon cards.
I wanted to play with my nephew and learn him the game but we didn`t know how.
Thank you so much, you have been of great help.
So thank you.

JJ_ DOLLAZ-06 says:

What about GX?

iiamtheonlyme Kennedy ross says:

I wish this had been out in ‘06 when I still collected Pokémon cards

GIO D says:

Couldn’t u make that any more boring??sorry dude but that’s eleven minutes I’ll never get back in my life

Danny Mercado says:

To confusing

Emojis Rock says:

Who’s watching in 2918

Scizor TCG says:

“Inexpensive” hah it takes like 50-100 dollars to make a competitive deck with vs seekers, etc.

Andrew Fisher says:

this seems way too complicated.

Mina Loi says:

I just like having cards.

Thomas Avilez says:

This is a great video lesson.

mees barend van dijk says:

Bench first, prizes later

Dito718 Gaming says:


Kingslayer7 says:

You suck

Dara64 says:

He runs out of breath so many times dude..

Jon Kirk says:

Thank you very much for this video, my daughter said she wanted to start playing and I knew NOTHING about this game so you helped me out a lot

Darrel Games says:

really inexpensive?

it’s fucking $5 per pack

Julio Samaniego says:

Wow Tolarian, I didn’t know you had a Pokémon tcg tutorial. I watch all your magic videos and wanted to start playing Pokémon with my son. Thank you!!

VideoGames!! says:

I have a question, this might seem idiotic but do you just get a 60 Card Deck or do you make it cuz I saw a TCG ChampionShip and the kid pulled a Volcanion EX from his deck. So can u please answer my question

PartyLew says:

20 scary

Luke Connolly says:

I hate this video

assyntflyfishing says:

Thank you for a great tutorial!

Sir Marionette says:

Wow, I like the change in content, even if it is just for a small bit.

Pugiona 202 says:

What if we don’t have that star energy?can we use a Pokemon with that energy?

robert pena says:

This was a very helpful video.

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