How to Play the Pokémon TCG – Part 1 – The Rules

Nintendo fans, unite!►

My video tutorial on how to get into the Pokémon Trading Card Game. In part 1, I go over all the rules you’ll need to know in order to start playing the game for yourself.

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Unknown ShadowDragon says:

This video helped out a little bit. To be completely honest, I’ve only played the Pokémon video games and collected the cards. I’ve never really built a deck or battled in the TCG. I’m still kinda confused about deck building as I’m extremely a newb at the TCG, but this helped for a lot of other stuff. I’m also realizing I’m much much better at the video games compared to the TCGs lol

khajiit claws says:

i only have two energys

Leo Prime8 says:

I always wanted to play but don’t know how, this helped a lot, thanks!

Dat One Boi says:

this is soo hard to play with really strong Pokemon bc they need like 5 energies and i dont have the previous evolution

Mr.GreatWhite says:

After watching this I still don’t know how to play.

Unknown ShadowDragon says:

I also have a question. So, let’s say you attach 2 energy to your Pokémon, then you use an attack that uses those 2 energies. Do you discard those energies? Or do you keep them attached? My friends say you keep them attached, but others are saying discard the used energies. Also how exactly do you build a proper deck? Just have a max of 60 cards, up to 4 mons with the same name, and as many energies? Does the 4 rule apply to Trainer cards? Sorry lol I’m so used to the video games that the TCG is weird

Kaden Ferrill says:

What do u do when none of ur Pokémon have enough energy too attack

NewClouds says:

Ha and I thought this was going to be simple.

Intergalactic Sexbomb says:

3:48 Tail whap

PADgamer says:

lol right now the standard is break through and up

Henry Smith says:

I got a pack of Pokemon cards for my birthday because I love Pokemon. But…..I have no freaking clue how to play it. e-e

Gangodudetime says:

thx bro bro now i can catch up with my friends

TheUltimate Spoon says:

Quick question: do your prize cards count as part of your deck of 60? Also, how many pokemon can you have in your deck?

Keith Stouch III says:

I have insanely good and rare cards, now I gotta learn to play

Pie Mania says:

I’m still comfused

Zanaya Panzavecchia says:

what do you do if there is a (for example) 10x on a card?

Jay TGP says:

lol 6 unknown cards we need more then just 6 unknown

PowerOf Pinesol says:

I’m still waiting for part 2

Pikachu ? says:

im old huh?

Spicy Lemon says:

I don’t wanna say this cuz t’s gunna sound insulting(even though it isn’t meant to be) but this guy seems to me like the poketuber equivalent of davinator1212.

Sid Animates says:

Thanks dude this helps a lot !!!

CiaoGalassia says:

How many pokemon can you play in a turn ? How many different pokemon can you evolve in a turn?

Steven Shortridge says:

I have a question, say i have a Pokemon with an attack that will do 20x damage. Is that 20 damage and then 20 times (number) of additional damage or is it just 20 times (number)?

sorry this is really hard to explain

Jobe Johnson says:

T a i l W h a p

Feather Heart says:

I collected Pokémon card when I was super young, like five years old. I then stopped playing with them and just now I found 132 in drawers and under the bed etc. I have no idea how to use them, value etc. but I still keep them. For some reason I have some in Japanese and I can’t read them :/

Italy_ Plays says:

well I played when I was younger but I haven’t played for a long time so me and I have forgotten how to play the game

daringpenguin says:


Kavin Arasu says:

The music brings back memories

GamingClaw538 CMR says:


Rayhan Kabir says:

Thanks! I thought it was only 60 cards including energy!

True Pokémon Fan EX says:

I saw two Darkrai EX on the deck u shower

Zeus does STUFF says:

awesome video

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